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    RPG Evolution - True Tales from Stranger Things: Kids on Bikes

    I was a Kid on a Bike in the late 70s and well into the 80s. The first scene in Stranger Things with the 13 year old kids in the basement was us. That scene alone hooked me into the show. LOL!
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    What If Sauron Won? Check Out This Trailer For The MIDNIGHT RPG!

    I do believe there will be a coupon code for a PDF in the hardcover book as well. I like that! And I agree with Steampunkette saying .. "Midnight is, legitimately, one of the coolest setting concepts of the last 20 years." (y)
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    Best Star Wars RPG?

    Although I have only played the new FFG version of Star Wars, I have played a lot of different gaming systems over the last 30+ years including d20 and some d6 systems. What FFG has done with their Warhammer/Star Wars "narrative dice system" has completely called to me as my roleplaying system...
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    CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR - Is This The End, Or Is There More To Come?

    Amen to that! I was involved in the beta for this project and it just annoyed the heck out of me. I understand it was a beta and thinks were broken, but for some reason I just didn't like the product they were creating. It was lacking a bit of expertise in web development and creativity, in...
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    1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Random Dungeon Generation

    Oh Memories, memories ... These tables are the best! Coupled with the old treasure tables for monsters and you're good to go! Those were the days. :D Dizlag
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    Stacking advantage: doing the math

    Does rolling two d20s for an attack / check and taking the best still feel like D&D to you all? I would be curious to see what the actually bonus is, if the +3 or +4 is correct then I personally, would prefer this method. You could "stack advantages" this way if you'd like by saying if you...
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    Legends and Lore April 2, 2012

    This is how I feel exactly. Dizlag
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    Wearing Heavy Armor During an Extended Rest

    I can't find anything regarding handling a fatigue effect after "sleeping" in heavy armor. We ran into this during our last session when we were interrupted while an extended rest. I hadn't thought about my paladin wearing armor to sleep and trying to find the penalties for doing so. Have I...
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    Stacking Rules on Resists

    Ok, so my question is has anyone had to deal with stacking multiple resists? Say, Resist 5 from Tarrassque Plate and Resist Con Mod from the Adamantine Warrior (or something like that) from Martial Powers? Would they stack? Or since it's the "same" type of resist, you would just take the...
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    Help reign in a player who refuses to play his role

    EpochRPG, You need to re-read VIII of your own charter and enforce it, assuming all members have signed and agreed to it. If so, then I'll quote item VIII of the charter highlighting the important points ... Again, only if all members have signed it can you enforce this charter. And from...
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    Divine Challenge at the end of your turn

    Bagpuss, I was writing my last post when you posted yours and upon reading your post, I've changed my view here. I agree with you that the text -- "or challenge a different target" -- is confusing and shouldn't be there. The bottom line is you have to engage a challenged target on your turn...
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    Divine Challenge at the end of your turn

    To further your example, Pielorinho, if the move-attack actions killed a DC'd enemy and a paladin wishes to DC another enemy, I would allow it. Even if the DC'd enemy didn't die and the paladin wishes to DC another enemy he's not adjacent to, then I would allow it as well. The third paragraph...
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    Magic Item Daily slots

    At the heroic tier you can use 1 daily magic item slot and gain 1 per milestone throughout your adventuring day. At paragon tier, it's 2 daily magic item slots and epic it is 3. The answer to your question is C) Something else. If you are heroic tier, you can use one of the daily powers from...
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    Oh noes .. more Daggermaster cheese? (Warlock)

    This is a very interesting discussion and being a DM, I'm curious about the ruling other DMs would make on this as well. Reading the Pact Blade magic item, under "Special" it says you don't get your weapon proficiency bonus to the attack roll when using it as an implement. That to me says...
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    Power Card Creator

    Subumloc, Very nice work! I would like to note that I'm a linguistically challenged American who doesn't know Italian. So, after completing the registration form I'm not sure if I need to send you my copies of the 4e Core Rulebooks now or not. I dunno. ;) I have a couple suggestions for...
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    Encounter calculator spreadsheet

    withak, Another very kewl tool! I'll be using this! Thanks! Dizlag
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    Sortable Monster Manual index spreadsheet with built-in encounter calculator -- v1.2

    withak, Very slick spreadsheet! Thanks for doing this! Dizlag
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    Rogues and Two Weapon Fighting

    Two-Weapon Flurry also has the prerequisite of being an Epic Tier feat, so it will be a little while before you'll be using it. Something to definitely look forward too! :D Dizlag
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    Rogues and Two Weapon Fighting

    AZRogue, What Wraithdrit said about the Ranger's Twin attack is true and a pretty kewl power. If you create a half-elf, you'll get a free at-will power from another class that you can use as an encounter power. So, a half-elf rogue with the Ranger's Twin Attack will only be able to do it once...
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    Map-making Tools

    I'm a fan of Open Source tools and AutoRealm is a very good one. It's very similar to Campaign Cartographer, though probably not a polished as a purchased product. Check it out! Dizlag