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    D&D General WizKids Announces New D&D and Critical Role Miniatures for 2024

    I would buy a lot more of these miniatures if they weren’t in blind boxes. And that set of the alphabetical monsters is cool and all, but what am I going to do with 1 kobold? Pathfinder makes these pawn sets that match up with their modules. I buy them just so I have something to use for DnD...
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    D&D General D&D Book Prices Are Going Up

    There are 19 pages on this thread, and I am browsing on my phone, so forgive me if this has already been answered, but will I be able to buy a print+digital version from my FLGS? I’d like to keep supporting them.
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    Take A Closer Look At The 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide

    On the subject of skill checks/exploration/social challenges, I think one piece of the puzzle is the usage these rules get in the published adventures. If the adventures you publish aren’t using your rules, no matter how well thought out and detailed they are in the DMG, the. I think you’re...
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    Take A Closer Look At The 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide

    Maybe they can put the Sage Advice in there?
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    OGL: What Are The Publishers Saying [UPDATED]

    I have a question for the stock market gurus on this board. It would seem to me, that if all of our uproar about the OGL is to have any real impact, it would need to affect the stock price. Which is doesn't appear to be doing (to my amateur eyes). Can someone elaborate?
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    A Ruins Of The Lost Realm Review

    This has convinced me that I should have bought a hardcover when I was at PAX Unplugged
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    Dragonlance Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!

    Blando’s map bothers me. Sanction is a port city and he has it in the middle of the mountains.