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    D&D 5E Planescape shows up in the wild. Tease from Chris Perkins.

    Why is that a problem? Is it just not acceptable to even hint that slavery exists or existed? Do the neogi no longer enslave people in 5E? The original background was somewhat interesting and provided some actual story hooks. The new one is not and does not.
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    D&D 5E Least Favorite WotC 5E Book?

    Okay, I am in the U.S. where I can easily get it on eBay. This seems more like a critique of Wizards' digital content policy than the book. (p.s. I give another vote for Dragon Heist. A classic of bad adventure design that robs the players of agency at every turn)
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    D&D 5E Least Favorite WotC 5E Book?

    This doesn't make any sense to me. Neither MotM nor the errata change the value of the pre-errata book, which still exists (and can still be easily bought on the secondary market).
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    OSR The Monster Overhaul

    Any idea how to get this for those of us who missed the Kickstarter? I don't see any way to sign up for a mailing list for a retail release.
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    D&D 5E New Spellcasting Blocks for Monsters --- Why?!

    Yes, their class and level determines their spell slots. Just like it says in the lich entry in the Monster Manual: "The lich is an 18th level spellcaster." Obviously this is what people mean by caster level here, even though the term "caster level" is not technically used in 5e. Can we lay this...
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    D&D General What is the best dungeon for long term exploration?

    The best dungeon for long-term exploration is Stonehell (designed for Labyrinth Lord, but compatible without any changes with any TSR D&D or derivative): It is enormous, with tons and tons of room for exploration over an entire campaign. It is varied, with each dungeon level divided into four...
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    Dragonlance Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!

    I'd agree. Hickman and Weiss have only ever been so-so writers, but this preview is considerably worse than their stuff from the 80s. What really jumps out is the lack of "physicality." Other than the initial passage about the solar being the nicest room in the castle, there's absolutely no...
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    The difference between Ad&d 1st and 2nd edition?

    The D&D Master Set was published in 1985, and the 2e player's handbook in 1989. I wouldn't consider that about the same time.
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    TSR Am I The Only One Buying Up the DMs Guild Reprints?

    How's the print quality on these? There are quite a few complaints in the comments about poor scans for these, but sometimes the scans are updated later. I have bought a lot of the PoDs, with mixed results. The Planescape products in particular seem to suffer from the PoD process, because it...
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    Dragonlance DRAGONLANCE LIVES! Unearthed Arcana Explores Heroes of Krynn!

    A lot of people in this thread seem to be taking this as fact. What's the basis for this claim? I don't see it at all.
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    D&D 2E [COMPLETE] Looking back at the limited series: Player's Option, Monstrous Arcana, Odyssey, and more!

    Do you recall which dragon magazine the Planescape races article was in?
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    D&D 5E Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Post-Mortem (Spoilers)

    Here's the copy on the front of B2, emphasis mine: "This module includes a cover folder with maps and a complete description booklet to form a ready-made scenario for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Basic Set. It has been specially designed for use by beginning Dungeon Masters so that they may begin play...
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    D&D General The Beating Heart of the OSR, Part 1

    The first AD&D starter set was First Quest in 1994. I'm not sure I'd call that "late, late 2E", but it was pretty far in for sure, after they'd turned down the "D&D" line.
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    D&D General The Beating Heart of the OSR, Part 1

    IME 2.5E is generally applied to the Player's Option series, not the kits. I believe the first Complete X book was released simultaneously with the 2E core, so calling kits 2.5E would be strange. Personally I'd agree with D&D 2E - Looking back at the limited series: Player's Option, Monstrous...
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    Oriental Adventures, was it really that racist?

    That's not at all what happened. One poster said, "if you want to understand why OA is racist, go listen to this source", and others said, "but there are all sorts of inaccuracies in what that source says."
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    D&D 5E Changes to D&D's Spellcasting Monsters: Streamlining Your Way To Bliss

    My one other comment on this whole thing, is that the bit about "the pathway to getting to your bliss" strikes me as really bizarre, and really more off-putting than any of the concrete changes. D&D is not a spa treatment.
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    D&D 5E Changes to D&D's Spellcasting Monsters: Streamlining Your Way To Bliss

    This is a philosophical disagreement that always comes up in these conversations and isn't really reconcilable, between the viewpoint that the monster manual's job is to describe a game piece in a combat encounter vs. a simulated entity in an imaginary world.
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    D&D 5E () What would you want for 5e Birthright?

    I agree with you that birthright has little commercial value now, but disagree on the rest. I think birthright is the best setting ever released for d&d, setting aside the domain rules game. FR with domain rules would not in an to meaningful sense be birthright.
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    D&D 5E () What would you want for 5e Birthright?

    Absolutely. Curation is a valuable service. There was a very popular programming book called "JavaScript: The good parts."
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    D&D 2E Best/Worst Birthright Player's Secrets?

    I've been trying to decide which if any of the many Player's Secrets modules for Birthright are worth buying. I've found a variety of posts saying they're of uneven quality, but not any calling out particularly good or bad ones. Any recommendations?