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  1. cmad1977

    Ever see a Strengh 18/00 rolled legitimately?

    Yes. With my own eyes in middle school. It was awesome.
  2. cmad1977

    D&D 5E Levels 1-4 are "Training Wheels?"

    If the low levels are training wheels why are characters so fragile? Guess that’s part of the training.
  3. cmad1977

    Dammit! +ve covid test

    Don’t do any of this. The individual recommending this course of action lacks a basic understanding of the human body.
  4. cmad1977

    D&D 5E Using social skills on other PCs

    This is not at all what has been suggested.
  5. cmad1977

    D&D General How to be a Better DM: One Size Doesn't Fit All

    Play with different groups of people. It’s the only way to get better.
  6. cmad1977

    How Might D&D Religions Differ From Real Life Religions?

    For me it’s the verifiable proof of existence. Cure wounds works 100/100 times.
  7. cmad1977

    I am a better DM than a player (THREAD-O-MANCY)

    For me it seems to be a bit of a positive feedback loop. I’m a dm I learn something that I apply to playing and then I learn something as a player to apply to my DMing. Soon I’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!! Both player and DM perfection!! The world will worship me and despair!!
  8. cmad1977

    D&D General Which movie rating would you use to describe your D&D campaigns?

    X. For X-tremely fun!! X-traordinary X-cetera(haha) But seriously folks… PG13-R for occasional language and occasional graphic violence(depending on how much catharsis the players seem to need when disemboweling a villain. It’s really up to them.)
  9. cmad1977

    D&D 5E Why do you use Floating ASI's (other than power gaming)? [+]

    Because not all elves are deft and not all half orca are strong.
  10. cmad1977

    D&D 5E What would be the most fun "All ____" Party?

    Honesty: I’m d go with any “all” group.
  11. cmad1977

    D&D 5E Who Picks the Campaign? DMs, Players, and Choice

    I spit out a couple ideas and if nothing really sparks interest we adjust and add flavor until it does.
  12. cmad1977

    Babylon 5... reboot?

    If the casting makes people say things like “But why is Sinclair a GURL??” I’ll watch for sure. Those people always have bad taste.
  13. cmad1977

    Babylon 5... reboot?

    Which sounds goofy(haha)… but it’s not a small job.
  14. cmad1977

    Babylon 5... reboot?

    Not sure who the guy is but working with Disney Imagineering is a no joke gig for a creative.
  15. cmad1977

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Dude. We explained to my daughter two years ago (she was… almost 5) why we wear a mask and she just said “oh. Ok.” She’s never complained once. It’s like kids are taught in want to care about one another. Can’t have that!
  16. cmad1977

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Not understanding the very basics of vaccines at this point is inexcusable. At this point your ignorance is deliberate.
  17. cmad1977

    D&D General Are Hit Points Meat? (Redux): D&D Co-Creator Saw Hit Points Very Differently

    Hit points are meat when they are, and aren’t when they aren’t. This isn’t hard people.
  18. cmad1977

    D&D 5E Can you use misty step to arrest a fall?

    If a player expends a resource I generally allow the action. For example: I will let a player use an equal or higher level “water” spell to counter a “fire spell” and the like.
  19. cmad1977

    Impromptu Stream with Ed Greenwood, Tim Kask, & TSR CCO

    Screw you dude! I never want to hear from you or anyone ever again. …. Oh wait. I see it now.