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    ATTACK! MCDM's new rpg and removing the to-hit roll

    I hope you enjoy going down the Gubat Banwa rabbit hole. It's a heck of a huge thing, mythic Southeast Asian island raiders and martial artists with D&D4e/Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired grid combat...
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    ATTACK! MCDM's new rpg and removing the to-hit roll

    There are a few newer ones more recently too. It's been a while since I checked the latest update of Gubat Banwa, but I remember in one update when to-hit rolls were removed and it became straight-up damage rolls. And In the Time of Monsters does it too...
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    Now on Kickstarter: Eat the Reich, Vampires vs Nazis

    I like that making a baddie explode like a grenade is a thing.
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    Paizo Announces Starfinder 2nd Edition

    Making Starfinder a totally compatible source of PF2 game material was a smart move, and will give the game new legs. Also, props for adding LASER WOLVES!
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    Coyote & Crow Wins 2023 Diana Jones Award!

    Well, we'll remember Codega's reporting, that's for sure. All of us were impacted!
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    Long campaigns, Besides D&D and Pathfinder

    Night Witches has a 33-mission main campaign (with a 6-mission alternate progression track) that takes the player characters from the founding of the 588th Regiment all the way to the end of WW2, in the skies over Berlin. I have only run 1/3 of it, but there's at least one podcast that's trying...
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    This Year's Diana Jones Award Nominees Include a Journalist, 2 TTRPGS, a D&D Adventure, and a Game Designer!

    Linda has also done good work investigating the Wormwood debacle!
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    Ultramodern5 on Backerkit: An Interview with Chris Dias (Dias Ex Machina)

    Unfortunately Adobe Firefly has been shown to be able to replicate certain specific artists' style - the case of Kelly McKernan in particular is one such artist who was replicated but did not consent to have her artwork scraped by Adobe for AI. I'd be very suspicious of Firefly's dataset.
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    🏳️‍🌈Pride Month- Celebrating Representation in TTRPGs🏳️‍🌈

    Anyway, back to the topic of queer RPG creators, here's a nice article in Beyond...
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    I'm beginning to dislike Netflix (re: Archive 81, 1899, Warrior Nun etc cancellations)

    The TV industry is trapped in the streaming model - it's too popular with viewers, but also mostly unprofitable.
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    🏳️‍🌈Pride Month- Celebrating Representation in TTRPGs🏳️‍🌈

    I should mention that Evil Hat also publishes Scum and Villainy, Band of Blades and Apocalypse Keys, which all have trans authors.
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    Good games specifically to showcase non-D&D TTRPGs

    In my experience, one of the best indie horror/mystery games (and pay-what-you-want, too) is Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave, about supernatural practitioners in the Old Norse world investigating otherworldly disturbances in a community, finding the cause of the problem, and getting rid of it...
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    🏳️‍🌈Pride Month- Celebrating Representation in TTRPGs🏳️‍🌈

    There are quite a few (most of which have just one or two full time designers). First I can think of, off hand, is Possum Creek. A number of the RPGSEA creators who showed up around 2019 on are LGBTQ+, using RPGs as a medium of expression that lets them express what they can't in...
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    Paizo News: PaizoCon Online Wrap Up

    Having Pom Poko flashbacks right now...
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    Culture Feature: RPGs & Authors Beyond the Western Standard

    Linda Codega featured a big selection of AAPI-created games in this Gizmodo article, including my game Pipedream! Pretty chuffed.😊
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    What are the greatest published adventures you've run?

    Raid on Innsmouth made a terrific capstone adventure for my Escape from Innsmouth campaign, with one PC eaten alive and another driven mad by the revelation of his Deep One ancestry. Not to mention all the action-packed parallel storylines following different investigators each accompanying a...
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    Starfinder Ports of Call is a Starfinder Book of New Places & Rules

    "Golarion World," lol. The artwork should have a bunch of human kids riding a familiar dungeon-themed rollercoaster.
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    RPG Evolution: Multiverses All the Way Down

    The thing I like about Gundam's multiverse is that it is an excuse to explore lots of different iterations of the mecha battle concept, but without all the crossovers and continuity tracking that ensues. Just lots of unique and interesting one/two-and-done series, except for one "prime timeline"...