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    Love and the DnD experience

    Intersting topic...I have never seen it come up in my campaigns. gk
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    Next converted classic adventure...

    All right! One of my favorites! What are the names of the Efreeti , Nix and Nax?
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    Thinking about a Wizard who uses acid attacks...

    Where can info on Black Dragon Deciple be located? gk
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    Thinking about a Wizard who uses acid attacks...

    Great advice... Will check out options in complete arcane. Will not do multiclassing as of yet...done the Mystic Thurge thing and well, didnt really like it. Anyone else wanna spray in?
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    Thinking about a Wizard who uses acid attacks...

    I am building a 1st level wizard whom I want to be an expert with acid attacks. 1. What would be a cool way to accomplish this? 2. Is the wizard class the best option? gk
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    Would it be mean for me to have Potions of Inflict Serious Wounds as treasure?

    Yes but...why would he label the potions? Isnt that kinda screwy?
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    GMs: What's your latest module?

    Demons and Devils by Necromancer Games
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    I SPEAK! (Re: MerricB Speaks Re: Mark Jindra Speaks)

    My speak ulation vote - Queen of the Demonweb Pits. gk
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    Official Tomb of Horrors 3.5 conversion (merged)

    Downloading and looking forward to reading it... A few randon comments to share with the group... 1. Did Gary G know about this? I would like to hear his comments. (Will the next old school school conversion also be a GG classic?) 2. As mentioned, tournament modules are very different...
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    Who would you pick to design Fourth Edition?

    I would choose Clark Peterson and Bill Webb. gk
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    TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

    Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Hello Mr. Gygax, Could you talk a little bit about the Lost Caverns? What was the driving force behind this module? Why so many new monsters (not complaining, big Behir lover here)? What role if any did Caverns play in your world? Last but not least, how did you...
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    Multiple rangers operatiing in the same party I think this is a first edition thing. No more than two (I think) Rangers could operate together in the same party...wha? gk
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    Fiery Dragon's plans for 2005

    Hey Guys, Glad to hear all is well and that you have a successful business strategy. Adventures? Will we see from FD or another company Gates of Oblivion or the rest of the Of Sound Mind series? gk
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    Necromancer Games - boards down?

    No probs I am there right now dodging the undead... gk
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    Best Dungeon Magazine Adventure(s)?

    Mere of Dead Men Any more comments on the Mere of Dead Men Series, Dungeons #69-73? I have heard that it is very interesting and yaun-ti are always cool... gk
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    Building a 1st level gnome

    Just found this in the Races of Stone Chaos Gnome +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Str Whisper Gnome +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Cha, -2 Str gk
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    Building a 1st level gnome

    How did the gnome handle an undead combat situation???
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    short spear: best weapon in 3.0?

    What would be the best melee weapon for a Gnome Wizard? A crossbow? gk
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    Building a 1st level gnome

    Thanks! I think I will look into this..Gnome wizard. Alright, any ideas on this build?
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    Building a 1st level gnome

    Arcane Gnome Sounds interesting...where does the arcane gnome appear?? gk