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    Chicago Gameday 39 is Sept 13th at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

    Monster of the Week Time: afternoon (3:30 p.m.) slot Game system: Monster of the Week Event Title: Monster of the Week Description: Play an X-Files/Supernatural/Buffy-style group of paranormal investigators using an Apocalypse World-style system. An image: TBD Content Rating: PG-13...
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    Chicago Gameday 36 is October 19th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Sign me up for breakfast.
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    Chicago Gameday 36 Event Planning

    I'm going to run Rahcel S. Walton's Long Orbit setting for Monsterhearts. It’s the distant future. You are part of a modest crew aboard a freighter headed for a planet that’s being terraformed. You are awoken from stasis at the proper time, but a major storm on the planet’s surface makes...
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    Chicago Gameday 36 Event Planning

    Time: Morning Game System: Monster of the Week or Monsterhearts or Long Orbit; I'll decide soon Event Title: TBD Desciption: TBD
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Breakfast, morning Apocalypse West.
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is 3/23: Event Planning Thread

    I did run DW last year. But it should be run again and again. And again.
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is 3/23: Event Planning Thread

    Durance deets: Time: afternoon (3:30 p.m.) Game system: Durance Event Title: Durance! Description: Prison Planet! The staff were promised a new life, the prisoners were promised a fresh start, and we were all promised an idyllic world. Together we'll decide how they lied to us, who really...
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is 3/23: Event Planning Thread

    Durance, afternoon, 2-4 players, adults only, no table preference. More details later.
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    Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Thanks for organizing, Buzz. I had a lot of fun running Dungeon World. The players really got into it. We didn't have quite enough time to finish the adventure. I need to do some editing before I run it again.
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    Chicago Gameday 32 Event Planning

    Here's my blurb: Slot Two Table ? The Wreck of the Grinning Jenny Dungeon World - Half D&D, Half Apocalypse World 4 seats The pirates of the Grinning Jenny have been the bane of the South Seas for many years. Now they've sacked the Hesperus, taking its treasure and kidnapping Annabella, the...
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    Chicago Gameday 32 Event Planning

    I can run Dungeon World in the afternoon. I will work on a blurb.