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  1. Imreis

    ISRP Member website overhaul

    Hello all! I am the owner and admin of the Plastered Pegasus forums! (with co owner Ruthia :) ) currently, with sever lack of activity on the forums I will be doing one massive overhaul of the site. All accounts with us that are inactive, have less then 10 posts under there belt, or do not come...
  2. Imreis

    Something Nice for the TMP

    The reason I didn't suggest changing out the TMP for something different or tweaking it is I didn't really think about changing existing places on the chat. I figured that they were how the Magi intended them to be. Though recent events and much talk adu with altering settings and rooms so...
  3. Imreis

    Something Nice for the TMP

    "...colored lights flashing from the ceiling..." Ok then maybe it's just me but flashing lights sorta indicates strobing. Besides if the idea is not what the Magi wish for the setting then that's fine man. But ripping apart people's posts and quoting pretty much every sentence to do so I feel...
  4. Imreis

    Something Nice for the TMP

    See now you can see where my post was coming from. Flashing, colored lights - I'm imagining colored strobe lights here. A plethora of lizards, snakes and fish that take up one whole wall. The words 'sophisticated nightclub' sorta give it away too. Which is great in all but its why I suggested a...
  5. Imreis

    Something Nice for the TMP

    The TMP is a fun setting but the I see one problem. It's a night club for all intensive purposes. I think it would be pretty neat to tack on a new area for that setting. A coffee house - one of those 24 hour ones where people can get food and coffee. A room like that would allow RPing any time...
  6. Imreis

    Possible CRT setting changes

    I hope you did not take my post the wrong way, it was not to offend you or anyone. The rulings for possible changes you posted up were good but some were a little unclear.
  7. Imreis

    Possible CRT setting changes

    4) Dragons and similar creatures must take a recognizably humanoid form or if in Dragon form be no larger than a large human while inside the Tavern. In the Garden and Clearing they are free to present as they like. This is the one that is slightly hard to understand. If demons and other odd...
  8. Imreis

    Fall dance/event

    What about a Monster-ade? A dress up party but everyone wheres masks and outfits more orentied to monsters. Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Ghosts and things of that matter. There could be contests for the most scary looking costume and the most cute looking costume. My second idea is to have...
  9. Imreis

    Too many vampires idea! A cheese golem!
  10. Imreis

    Too many vampires

    I'm going to agree with Shistal here on this. Besides people can't play the all evil animalistic vampire in any setting except the Sigil setting (Bazaar and Cage) I would think for they would break the code of conduct rules that have been laid out. Nextly - good and evil vampires, vampires who...
  11. Imreis

    Time of the year again

    hey, i got an idea. granted it would slightly give you away, but have a friend write your character description for your new one. That way you don't have any give aways in your dessy!
  12. Imreis

    Oh Noes! - (My PC died!)

    Tigerdirect is another really good place to get parts. Open box or new
  13. Imreis

    The "Whatever happened to X?" thread.

    Cant remember his name now but he was in the pack, played a big ol' werebear! hehe. His player is military so isn't around very much either
  14. Imreis

    It needs to be said

    I thought most people needed to hear something nice so here it is, Read and smile :) 15 Things You Probably Never Knew or Thought About . 1. At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason...
  15. Imreis

    Oh Noes! - (My PC died!)

    HAHA Alana here knows my problem i had with a power supply. Hehe, got new computer an in the first week my power supply blew due to being shut down improperly before a thunderstorm *oi* Which LATTER i discovered the improper shut down was caused by norton because for some reason it was having...
  16. Imreis

    Dear Patrons

    Tagged up on the boards is a rather tattered piece of parchment which is yellowed with age it appears. The corners torn a bit but written plainly in Common, Elven, Dwarven and Halfling languages is one single sentence - all bold letters in a blue ink Dear Patrons, Be warned, Vampires have gross...
  17. Imreis

    Chew on this.

    Never stated 'Demon' in particular, that rule also applies to Outsiders, Devils, Celestials and anything else not of Oreth actually as in terms - an Outsider is ANYTHING not native to the plane they are currently on. SO a human from Faerun being on Oreth is an Outsider if you want to get down...
  18. Imreis

    Chew on this.

    I did post an example but just in case heres another Demons, Devils, and Outsiders in general must be disguised. Disguised is defined such that anyone looking at such a character would see just another human, humanoid, or demihuman. Horns, hooves, tails, wings, all must be hidden from view...
  19. Imreis

    Chew on this.

    Well i was away apparently when this whole thing started but now im home and looking through this. Wow. Looks like when the Fox is away the players will, play? any who, I got a few word to through out here myself. I'm not around allot mostly for a few reasons. 1. It lost its pep. People tend to...
  20. Imreis

    How will 4th affect your char?

    Didnt even leave 3rd ed. Didnt want anything to do with the enforced 3.5 since half of Faerun was 3.0 and the other half was 3.5 and i wont touch 4.0 with a ten foot poll if i can help it.