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    Anti-Magic Wizard?

    I saw on the internet yesterday that there is a game supplement coming out in September 08 for a new class of "wizard" - one that specializes in Anti-Magic. Today, I can find no trace of that post. Has anyone else heard of this? :erm:
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    Should Glitterdust counter displacement?

    Glitterdust vs. Blur It makes more sense that Glitterdust would counter Blur, since that is an optical illusion that distorts the image of the subject, whereas Displacement is more a question of whether the subject is actually in the exact same spot or not. Glitterdust would help to negate the...
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    Fire Island Pantheon - DOWNLOAD READY

    Personally, I would prefer Word. THANKS AGAIN!
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    Fire Island Pantheon - DOWNLOAD READY

    Download? This is a great theme for a campaign - since my wife is Filipina, I have been working on a Polynesian & Filipino pantheon - and you have just done the work for me on the Polynesian side (by far the largest and most complex). GREAT JOB! Now, is there a place I can go to buy or download...