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    Anyone experienced with Mythras?

    excellent. that's a good place to start. It is an excellent intro and actually avoids some potential problems you ask about i've run a number of campaigns with it, and it's my favorite system, so I think it plays great. It takes a few games to get used to special effects, but once you do, it...
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    View From The Rifts: Looking At Palladium's Rifts Role-Playing Game

    Are you aware it is available on PDF via drivethrurpg? I am assuming that DTRPG is also available in a land down under, and that you are alright with PDFs.
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    View From The Rifts: Looking At Palladium's Rifts Role-Playing Game

    For the last couple of years, I've considered a Rifts game, but i would use Marvel Heroic or some mutation of Cortex Plus/Prime. I feel it's one of the best systems out there to allow Dragons to run with Rogue Scholars and have both matter. still one of my favorite settings. I really enjoyed...
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    Xanathar's, Wizards, and FLGSes Charging For Playspace

    I am not in your market for books. I do PDFs (bought) pretty well exclusively. Playspace I can see paying for. I don’t at this point in my life because of friends and houses and well organized and all, but I could very much see that in a different situation, including the neutral ground...
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    Look Back In Strangeness: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness Game

    Still have all my books. Ran a game with 14 players one time, including character creation. It nearly broke me. Also made a mutant weasel juicer in cyclone body armor for a one shot - I mean, really, how long was he going to have being a mutant weasel juicer? We occasionally talk about doing a...
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    What are your strengths and weaknesses as a GM?

    Strengths Planning Understanding balance and what is going to work and not Solid stories with memorable characters. Taking what my players want into account. Weaknesses Improv - I worry that it is going to be correct in some Platonic ideal System choice - just this morning I was spending more...
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    Epic player quotes

    “Skip the flavor text” - player to me when I was going to describe a scene. This one has really stuck. “As an assassin, I <insert thing that is barely tangentially related to assassins>” - player who had 5 points in the assassin background in 13th age “I haven’t swore all night!” Me, after...
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    Journey To...Mesoamerica

    Just got back from the Yucatán last week! As I understand it, the Mayans did practice human sacrifice, but it was extremely small scale compared to the Aztecs, and largely consistent of priests who didn’t communicate to the gods very well. The Aztecs were far more consistent about it. The new...
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    What system would you run Assassin's Creed in?

    I’d probably use Animus, a derivative of Black Seven. The latter is an rpg based on stealth-focused video games like deus ex, alpha protocol, thief, metal gear solid, and others including assassin’s creed. The former is a variant that is focused specifically on replicating games like Assassin’s...
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    What are your rules for classic swords and sorcery?

    I'll go with the list I always go with, which is the best I've seen and in The Design Mechanism's Monster Island Supplement Living for the Day - pragmatic vs epic, doesn't wander very far for a particular adventure (though not necessarily between them), goals are rather base No Black and White...
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    What RPG has the Best Monk Class(including MMORPG)

    13th age has an excellent monk, with unique flow between moves. Mythras can do a large number of options, but the stand out one based on that is probably in Classic Fantasy.
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    Free RPG Day: Starfinder Preview, TORG Quickstart, New Runequest And Women In Magic

    I'm guessing yes, because says pretty well explicitly that these things that are not Glorantha are not Runequest. I was following the blogs for a bit there, then got distracted with something else and came back to Runequest Fantasy...
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    D&D 5E Primeval Thule 5e

    for those of you looking for more Thule-like things, I'd suggest The Design Mechanism's Monster Island. It's for Mythras/Runequest 6 and presents a sword and sorcery island very similar to Thule in many ways. Decadent ancient races, shamanistic savages, and theistic colonists. I was going to...
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    D&D 5E 5e actions economy VS other editions and systems

    For me, 5e feels like someone had a bad time in 4e's action economy and blocked all the exploits. Not that it is bad, per se, but it has a certain lack of options that I really enjoy. For the record, I loved my warlord in 4e, which exploited the action economy like it was a 3rd world nation. As...
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    Your favourite gaming mechanic?

    absolutely true. And it's tied to weapon damage, so they need to constrain the damage or we have Ye Old Two Handeded Rogues :) since you were curious about Mythras and special effects, it deals with this by having a skill penalty for defending from behind (half skill, which is really painful)...
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    Your favourite gaming mechanic?

    Absolutely. I'll reference my own comment on Reddit, with some edits for clarity. It flows surprisingly smoothly and quickly, to be honest. Combats rarely last more than 2-3 rounds of action points (2-3 per player). I can run a combat for 5 players against 4:1 odds in an hour, and have seen...
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    What system would you use for gritty fantasy?

    Mythras would be in this space as well. A lot of good suggestions in here
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    Your favourite gaming mechanic?

    Special effects in Mythras. Suddenly, fighters are way more fun. Covers so many scenarios with reach and weapon size that it's just gorgeous. Backgrounds in 13th age. So simple, yet so flexible. The Threat Level/noticed/exposed system of Black Seven. Great little stealth rpg, great system...