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    D&D 5E 5e Forgotten Realms : Return of Mystra

    OK so heres the idea I've got rolling around in my head. with 4e the main module "storyline" was all about Orcus. What if we have the modules geared towards preventing Cyric from killing Mystra? I'd imagine that the PCs would have to travel to different times to get something(pronounced...
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    My Thoughts

    Had a bit of a think about this whole 5e thing and I hope wizards don't try to design a horse, and end up with a camel. Still if anyone is listening(sounds like a spiritual question :) ) here are my ideas for D&D Next. Races: Go for broke to start. The lores there chuck as many as you can in...
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    Custom Character Portraits

    Just putting this out to the Cloud I'm after someone to draw a custom portrait for my character. I'm willing to pay for it, but not a HUGE amount. Has anyone had this done? I've had one quote that was like $300 bucks, but that is way out of my league. If anyone has had this done post here...
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    Need a BBEG to strike fear into my PCs

    Thanks Mengu Thats just what I needed! The PCs will encounter him this weekend, so i'll post how it went!
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    Need a BBEG to strike fear into my PCs

    That spell weave collector sounds good, can you post its stats? I was looking for something along the lines of a big tough human, though. Can those who have posted their ideas for monsters post them in stat form? or alternatively a jpg of the char card? Thanks for the help btw!
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    Need a BBEG to strike fear into my PCs

    The BBEG will be encounterd at lvl 6. The basic plot line is that the party is storming a keep that has been overrun by a group of mercenaries hired by a darker more sinister evil. Heavy hitting powers would be good, AOEs would be good to. The BBEG should be some sort of martial class with a...
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    Need a BBEG to strike fear into my PCs

    OK so i need a big bad end guy for a module and i can't get the monster builder thing working from DDI, so i'm putting it out to the cloud,so to speak. We kinda take it in turns being the DM for modules, and this time i'm working with another guy and its my job to get the monsters sorted out...
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    Satire of Bravery Question

    One part of the Satire of Bravery Lvl 5 Bard Daily says something about the target coming closer to the caster(since you can push 3 squares with it that helps alot) It doesn't mention how long this is in effect. Is it jsut for the next turn or is it for the encounter? Or is it just once...
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    D&D "Red Box" Game Day this Saturday (11th September)

    Two of the players in my group are from Ballarat, might be worth them checking it out. The rest of the guys are from geelong, so maybe the good games down here is running one. I doubt it though, I went in and asked about the red box and they were trying to get me to DM. Sounded a bit needy :)
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    I need help motivating my characters!

    Get you players to write a forestory. EG where they want their PCs to go. If you create quest around it they will much more interested as the quests that focus on them are more self serving. For example if one wants to be a lich(socipathic) then maybe he needs to find a book about it, a gem...
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    Character builder blues

    Well i'm not too pleased with the Charbuilder ATM as it took 2 points of bluff, intimidate and diplomacy for no reason. Anyone else had that?
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    Liberating a Keep and Keeping it

    interesting suggestion. We are actually playing KOTS ATM. I think that the guys are more interested in creating our own keep(one of the guys used cartographer and made a map allready) Plus in the group there is a general dislike of KOTS. Personally i thinnk its fine but some of the other guys...
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    Liberating a Keep and Keeping it

    OK so my Group has decided that we are going to ditch WOTC's modules and make our own centreing on stories of three of the main PCs. However the general concensous is that our party should have a base, somewhere that we can call our own. So we are going to liberate a keep/town from something...
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    Bouncing off an idea on how to make a Bard... More Bard

    Yeah I gotta jump in and say that the bard rocks. Especially Half-elf bard My bard is level 4 and she allready has a minimum of 6 in EVERY skill, with diplomacy at 15 and several others at 10-12. Thats roleplaying FTW. Not a lot of damage, but as a support character there is a lot of...
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    Want to Run Tomb of Horrors

    Either of the 4e modules would be good, but I would have trouble getting the RPGA version as they were given out in the US, not Australia. I think the 4e Tomb of Horrors would suit our group better due to the modularness of it. So has anyone played it? What are the levels for each module...
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    Want to Run Tomb of Horrors

    OK so if any ones played this, i just want some info. Our group is around 7 players, lvl4-5currently. Bard,fighter,cleric,paladin,avenger,warlock and ranger What leve would group like this be able to do ToH with it being reasonably hard(not always TPK, but some fear would be good) Plus...
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    D&D outside the U.S.

    I'm from Australia, Geelong to be exact. WE've gto two stores in town that sell these sort of things but they are very limited. One is more Warhammer and the other is more D&D 4e, with very little second hand stuff(actually none) For the minis I use Reaper(cos of the free international...
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    In-game rewards for out-of-game activity

    To encourage backstory/RP we've had the players run their own mini modules(lasting about 1 session)(ok our sessions only usually contain 2 encounters). Then they can dish out some XP or some Items as a reward. We had our warlock possessed by a god, our fighter was killed and reborn as a...
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    D&D 4E 4e Necromancer speculation

    So one of the guys in our gaming group is into Necromancers(eg like the ones in Diablo 2, with summoning skeletons, corpse related magic) that sort of thing. When we started playing D&D he was very dissapointed that there were no necros and went instead for a tiefling warlock which he considers...
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    Mimic Stats

    Can any one tell me what the stats of a level 6 solo mimic would be?? I don't have MM3(or MM2 for that matter) Is there a good online monster creator? Thanks