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    New Releases In Stores This Week : 13th March 2017

    I'm not normally a gambler, but I'd put money on those ponies... Oh yes
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    Problematic player.

    Evil is always fair game, yes tweakage can be a bad experience that burns players with the dread of repertion, You need some degree of in depth knowledge with the system before changing, It not that its not doable, it's just done wrong by those that don't understand what's involved, And...
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    Problematic player.

    Do I have to say it? Do I??? Kill them and take their stuff, If he thinks it's fair to play an overpowered homebrew then stick an overpowered homebrew on him, ......I'm thinking a cross between a tarrasque and's only fair, right? RIGHT? Moral of the story, don't go tweaking...
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    Dungeons & Ponies At Last

    Just as long as its 20% cooler
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    Benefits of playing D&D

    It induces creative problem solving, It exercises your morals and ethics,
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    Most Anticipated RPG of 2017: The Official Poll!

    WOW Firefly is four years old? LOL Tempus fugit Bitches
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    RPG Evolution: How a RPG Changed the Star Wars Universe

    Just a blatant example people can witness first hand....
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    Your most anticipated games of 2016?

    Wat NO Symbaroum!!!1!11!
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    RPG Evolution: How a RPG Changed the Star Wars Universe

    If it were true, Clinton would have won, due to massive media bias, (which still runs today) I use that as an example of course, Fortunately there are more people who can think for themselves independently of mainstream media 'fake news' So while your comment may be true to a degree it only...
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    RPG Evolution: How a RPG Changed the Star Wars Universe

    Btw good job on the post Talien, Nice
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    RPG Evolution: How a RPG Changed the Star Wars Universe

    I remember chatting to someone who worked on Star Wars at west end, she said Lucas was very strict about content, No 'vice' at Mos Eisley (which is understandable considering the tone of the movies) So while west end had a lot of freedom, the content was still reigned in by Lucas She said...
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    Adding more rp

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    Adding more rp

    Are you sure the kobolds are to blame?...
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    Anyone Played Artesia or the Game of Thrones RPG by Green Ronin ?

    Had all three, got rid of Pendragon (disliked) Still have Artesia and currently reading the Song of Ice and Fire (the system is easy, the background extensive) Was invited to a SoIaF but the game went south over a year ago, you are at a big disadvantage if you don't know the setting well...
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    Need an alternative to D&D.

    Try Living Steel...
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    Need an alternative to D&D.

    Have you considered A Song of Fire and Ice the Game of Thrones edition? Wish I had more time to elaborate but posting on a drive by
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    Need an alternative to D&D.

    Dungeonslayers MYTHRAS IMPERATIVE Both free
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    [Sensitive question] Is there cultural appropriation in gaming?

    Sorry ForceUser, no offense to you but this question is bordering on political correctness insanity, Lets do do the racist test, flip it over for whites, is it wrong for an African plains person to wear a business suit? or an Asian guy wearing lederhosen, what about an Indian guy wearing a...
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    Movie Plot Adventure Generator

    Writer+with a camcorders+chased by+M. Night Shyamalan the horror! THE HORROR!!!! like :)
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    Help me find my next game!! (taking a break from 5E) its free, and compatible with Con X, All flesh, Terra, and Armageddon, its low level horror, think Halloween, The Fog, Friday the 13th, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.... And its...