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  1. Ysgarran

    Pathfinder 1E Current Pathfinder Players: Are you considering switching over to D&D 5E?

    No, I don't trust WOTC (as owned by Hasbro) to be good stewards of the hobby. It is simple as that.
  2. Ysgarran

    Anyone know anything about: The "Spark Roleplaying Game".

    Guess I was looking for positive or negative opinions! I just did a scan of your blog posting on the game. I saw your Tribes 8 influence (a game I never played). Any influence from Amber Diceless RPG? p.s. Heading over to buy in now...
  3. Ysgarran

    Anyone know anything about: The "Spark Roleplaying Game".

    I was just browsing kickstarting and this caught my eye. This only has three hours left so it is unlikely that many people will see this before it expires. It fits in nicely with my style of play. My games tend to borrow...
  4. Ysgarran

    Pathfinder 1E So far not impressed with Pathfinder

    Our game has 8 players around the table. We agreed to drop all classes that have companions, extra critters and the leadership feat. The whole point is that it can get slow with that many players and keeping the number of entities that a player is responsible for can speed things up. We...
  5. Ysgarran

    Proof D&D is in serious decline

    You can add a -Nissan to get slight more accurate results.
  6. Ysgarran

    Finding a very old alignment test.

    In the days of the bulletin boards there was an alignment test in DOS .exe format floating around. Due to its length and intricacy it seems to have been written by a philosophy major. If it wasn't written by a philosophy major the underpinning of test was tied to a philosophers attempt to...
  7. Ysgarran

    Dave Arneson's Personal RPG Collection For Auction

    I've been in contact with the curator at the "Edwin and Terry Murray Collection of Role-Playing Games" and they have expressed an interest in the personal notes and correspondence that is in the collection. "We are especially interested, as I said, in the unique and rare materials in the...
  8. Ysgarran

    Looking for new RPG

    I've run the mouse guard RPG for my kids: Role Playing Game | Mouseguard I've also run the cat warriors RPG: Warrior Cats RPG Both are very rules light. My kids were much more interested in the stories and the journeys than anything to do with the rules. The other 'selling' point for my...
  9. Ysgarran

    If D&D didn't exist

    I think folks are under estimating the chances of the RPGs that came after D&D. For example, RuneQuest was published in 1978 but if you look at how the game came about there are similarities to D&D. D&D evolved from the 1974 Chainmail rules and in fact the earliest edition relied on Chainmail...
  10. Ysgarran

    Pics of female fighters/knights in realistic armor?

    A second recommendation here for the Artesia comics. Warning: the comics are currently stalled...
  11. Ysgarran

    Dungeon graffiti

    I would expect the development of a set of pictograms very similar to the hobo signs, especially for well known dungeons. Even if you don't like them for dungeons an entrance to the darklands might be another place to use dungeon pictograms. WEBSITES\HOBOPAGE\hobosigns
  12. Ysgarran

    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    Oh the time to waste I should be coding Java Neverwinter, haste
  13. Ysgarran

    MasterBot for Dungeon Tiles?

    Has anyone here experimented with using MasterBot ( a new consumer-grade, desktop-size 3-D printer) for creating dungeon tiles? I'm tempted to spend the money and started trying in out myself. Dungeon Tiles for Miniatures Gaming by Telvin_3d - Thingiverse...
  14. Ysgarran

    A semi-brief history of D&D and some other RPGs: 1980-1989

    Cthulu and Pendragon mentioned but not RuneQuest. You mention Cthulhu and Pendragon but no mention of RuneQuest. There should be some mention of RuneQuest and the purchase by Avalon Hill of the RuneQuest system. Ysgarran.
  15. Ysgarran

    EBay 37 WotC Third Edition and 34 d20 scenario/class books

    Got tired of them sitting on my bookshelf and finally just took them over to the local re-seller. You have any questions please let me know. WotC Third Edition books d20 adventure books and rule books. Includes an signed "Arcana Unearthed".
  16. Ysgarran

    Firefox says EN World is an attack site?

    Make sure all of your browser plug-ins are up to date. Not keeping Adobe flash up to date is a good way to get burned by a virus. I'm paranoid and fired up a windows virtual machine before ignoring the google virus warning.
  17. Ysgarran

    THAT'S not an armadillo with a gem on its head!!

    Eye Bleach, here ya go: cute animal pictures - Google Search
  18. Ysgarran

    Crazy Plot Changes for a Song of Ice and Fire Game

    I like this idea the best. It breaks the story wide open. You could even make the players contenders for the throne. Robert has the strength for the throne but he obviously doesn't have the temperament for governance. You can always play around with the seasons and move the coming of...
  19. Ysgarran

    OotS #726 is up!

    So is the last panel a pharyngula reference or not? Order of the Stick gazes deep into my soul : Pharyngula See what you missed? : Pharyngula
  20. Ysgarran

    What do you like in your RPG?

    I was reading an article in the New York Times today and they made a statement about what makes for good science fiction: In my personal experience, my favorite RPGs have also provided a metaphor to explore real-life issues. I was curious how many folks would agree with the statement that...