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    Do people in your games actually use "builds"

    I think of people are going to do build, particularly an optimized build, than everyone in the group should. The real problem is when you have a character that can function really well and one our two that are not built well there starts to be a disparity in play because one character is built...
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    What style of RPG Adventures do you prefer ?

    I like a good story fused with action and a fair amount of combat.
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    2e PbP: Denizens Under the Gem

    Were still looking for players.
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    2e PbP: Denizens Under the Gem

    Our little Play by Post has been going for awhile now. I'm not in a rush to recruit but we could use 1-2 more good players who can post daily and enjoy a game of classic D&D. The story so far... The group has gone into the Cairn Hills just outside of Greyhawk City to rescue a lost group of...
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    D&D 5E Should the +1 Sword Exist in 5E?

    I also think +1 swords should be kept around. I think if you kept masterwork from 3.5 +0/+1 and then added grandmasterwork (as suggested) as +1/+1 and finally legendary work as either a +1/+2 or +2/+2 it would cover the base of really well made mundane weapons. Costs for creations would need...
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    D&D 5E 5E Core Classes - According to Enworld

    For all the old schoolers it would be neat to see the Dwarf and Elf paragon classes come back as core with an option to opt out of the paragon class for others of course.
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    Illusion Question

    I should add that our DM had one of our group turn to stone because they failed a save but once we drug them out of sight of the illusion they quickly went back to a flesh state. it was kind of a neat ruling given the situation.
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    Should point buy be discouraged?

    I think having options of both ways is best. There should also be a good table of score arrays with examples of who they could apply to as well as ones that are player appropriate vs ones that are poor or excellent scores only usable by the DM. These plethora of score arrays would make...
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    DMG Content/Advice Wish List

    I think they should come out with 4 starter books, the PHB, the DMG, a full on magic item compendium with a full set of treasure tables (this will reduce redundancy later) and a monster manual with random monster tables and a means for creating your own monsters. All that said the DMG should...
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    Spellcasting Sacred Cows

    Your talking about 'not so wild but slightly wild' magic of sorts. I would tend to agree with this though that while a 20th level wizard should be able to cast a a fireball without much error a 5th level caster might go to do so and instead make the targets hair really long (ooops!). This...
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    Was Thac0 really that bad?

    THAC0 doesn't bother me but I don't see a need to go back to it either.
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    D&D 5E What happens if 5E fails to unite the base?

    Do you think there is any valid business plan for them to print out reprints of old modules and books packaged together with new supplements that go with those new books? It might be an avenue to take vs coming out with new RPGs all the time.
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    Illusion Question

    This question came up during a Labrynth Lord game: What happens when a magic-user conjures up an illusionary basilisk to attack another illusionary basilisk? The magic-user did not know that the first basilisk was an illusion and was just trying something to keep the thing busy for a bit. :)
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    Darn spellchecked monsters

    How about the ever faithful Osquip. One of the corrections is mosquito :)
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    VT(virtual table) alternative to D&D Insider

    I've been running on OpenRPG for years. The latest version out is Traipse and if you google Traipse the current stable edition is Ornery Orc (just google Traipse). I keep monster nodes for almost all the basic creatures and have them online for download (for 3.5 anyway). each node has a...
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    Cui Shi Class (New)

    Also here is the general info on the class. Gathis Online - Encyclopedia As far as the original name of the class I think it was loosely based on spirit warrior or sword warrior but not at all on Brittle Excrement although that was very funny. :P The other thing i should add about the...
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    Cui Shi Class (New)

    It shows how he still gets the additional +1 to show his harmony with his weapon.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Zhou Bashou (New 3.5 Class)

    I made two new classes for the Gathis gaming world. I will feature both here in hopes of getting feedback. Zhou Bashou is a caster that deals more directly with spirits and less with undead. they are based on a Gathis religion of Bridge Worship Zhou Bashou
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    Cui Shi Class (New)

    I made two new classes for the Gathis gaming world. I will feature both here in hopes of getting feedback. Cui Shi is effectively similar to a samurai without some of the rigid moral codes. It has a few twists as well. I'll take thoughts and opinions. Cui Shi
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    Tasty Scenarios for Novice DMs?

    Can you be more detailed about the levels for the campaign and what your trying to set up. I think your parameters may be a bit vague because I don't seem to understand what your asking for on this.