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  1. ki11erDM

    News Digest: Background Checks for WPN Volunteers and Store Employees, New D&D 5e Release Details, G

    Clearly none of you work with kids. If you think for a second that it is bad for WoTC to ask for background checks when people use their IP to organize events with kids, you should seriously rethink your life. This is minimum they should ask for.
  2. ki11erDM

    [POLL] Which Xanathar's Guide Cover Do You Prefer?

    Honestly? I really really like both of them. I am getting the special because I know I wont be able to get it later.
  3. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E 5e Midgard?

    There is a character book for 5e... I guess I am just not sure on what the buy in is for that settings. I think I should post over on their boards I guess.
  4. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E 5e Midgard?

    Is there a 5e Midgard campaign setting book? I could not find one... but they have other 5e books for that setting.
  5. ki11erDM

    CURSE OF STRAHD: Here's The Official Announcement & Cover Image!

    Humm... OR maybe it is a perfect way to skip the whole spell spellplague!
  6. ki11erDM

    Character appearance designer app

    Not sure if this is the best place for this but... if you are looking for a software app to design the look of your charter in, I would recommend trying out the Black Desert character creator. It is stunning.
  7. ki11erDM

    DRAGON+ Issue 5 Brings News of a New D&D Boardgame, Sage Advice, and SCL Tabletop Stats

    Hay. This is a better thing than the previous thing! Before I had to run an android emulator to see something that was not very useful, and now I can go to one central website that has that same not terribly useful content... BUT also has all the feeds from their other media outlets. Its not...
  8. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E After Phandalin

    Princes of the Apocalypse. I personally think the over all story is only ok, but the adventure locations are really nice.
  9. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E [Forgotten Realms] The Wall of the Faithless

    Well. I liked the Wall of the Faithless and the not picking a deity so much I hardwired it in to my own home world. I have augmented death saves with this in mind, if a player can tell me one thing that they have done to honer their god they automatically succeed at a death save... and I keep...
  10. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E The Missing Equipment

    There is only one list that I use: Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue
  11. ki11erDM

    D&D 3E/3.5 5E's Initial Raw Sales Numbers Stronger Than 3E's!

    It is sold out... man. Is that really unusual? Did the 3e do that within the first few months? Wonder how long it is going to take to get it back in stock.
  12. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E PHB is #3 right now on "Amazon's Hot New Releases"

    It is sold out... man. Is that really unusual? Did the 3e do that within the first few months? Wonder how long it is going to take to get it back in stock.
  13. ki11erDM

    New D&D Survey: What Do you Want From Older Editions?

    I only selected FR and Greyhawk. None of the other items interest me at all. And I left comments that Eric's Grandmother would not approve of in regards to the fact they have not published any settings as yet.
  14. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E How does the errata on hiding affect the mask of the wild ability of the wood elf?

    I chocked on my coffee when I read his post, the amount of spilled ink/pixels for just 4e was crazy and 3.X was not much better. good time.
  15. ki11erDM

    Dragonlance Dragonlance Wizards in 5e?

    K. that makes sense. not really going to have time to wait... hehe
  16. ki11erDM

    Dragonlance Dragonlance Wizards in 5e?

    Anyone converted the 3.5 version of the wizards (War of the Lance time frame) from Dragonlance to 5e yet? I would think it would be done via feats...
  17. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E Dual wielding and improvised weapons. Technically broken?

    First, wow this is the first thread I have seen in a long long time that reminds me of of the old 3.x days. Someone came to the boards with a interesting question and groups of people who feel the rules say different things discuss it civilly with rational arguments on ether side. That might...
  18. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E What is WotC working on now?

    As a dad of a 6 year old girl with 3 D&D friends with 6-7 year old girls this would be awesome.
  19. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E I thought about summoning spells too hard

    As I recall in Planescape some of the flavor text indicated that it was a kidnapping. It even went so fare as to indicate that what ware fair for the PCs was fair for the monsters... so it would be possible for a PC to get summoned to the outer planes.
  20. ki11erDM

    D&D 5E The Wonkiness of Tool Proficiency

    This is the only rule I have found that is not intuitive to me. I personally think it came to pass because they made a lot of other good design decisions in other parts of the game and they went with something that did not impact any other part of the system. As an example, if they had added...