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    5E Planeshift: Ixalan has arrived!

    Planeshift: Ixalan was released a few hours ago, it looks to be as good as the previous settings - it's a 47 page document. Feel free to check it out below:
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    5E Is It me, or has TFYP Missed Tomb Of Horror's Best Trap?

    So, Spoilers, Obvs. In Tales take on Tomb, location 30 - In the 'Sarcophagus', section it seems to sell that part as a 'Why the demilich has been destroyed' and completely miss explaining the point of that bit to DM's. I think it is important to explain that the Staff of the Magi has been...
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    5E So, did Pendleton Ward help with TFYP?

    So, minor question. Before Tales From The Yawning Portal was announced, people at Wizards let slip that he was involved in consultation with the 'next' adventure path. But when Tales was announced, almost no mention of any collaboration was stated. Now there's something odd going on here because...
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    5E What would you put in monster manual 2?

    Assuming at some point, they'll make a second monster manual for 5e, what five monsters would you like to see and why? I'm just generally curious to see what people like and why. If you want to include monsters from media or mythology that's not been covered before as well that'd be interesting...
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    Some help locating a gamer.

    So, as a first thread, this one's a little odd. So, back when I was deciding weather to get back into D&D with 5E, began reading a blog known as Power Score. It was so good that it very quickly became a blog that I checked every day. Any way me and some others followed it for a while and as...