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    New Magic items: Boots of the Mistwalker, Cloak of the Void, Hellstrider Boots, Kimeran Bolt Caster

    Boots of the Mistwalker (Wondrous Item, Rare): These grey leather boots can enhance the Misty Step spell. The boots have three charges that can be used when the wearer uses Misty Step (via spell, item, or innate ability). If the wearer is not attuned, they can only spend a single charge at a...
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    The Orator - a sound based variant of the beholder.

    Orator Large Monstrosity, Chaotic Neutral This creature is the blasphemous result of experiments intended to create a sound based version of the beholder that could control and manipulate the local populace. While powerful, it is capricious and unpredictable. Ultimately the experiment was...
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    The Min-Max Problem: Solved

    I believe this is the origin of the term:
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    Willy Wonka based magic items

    I did a one shot adventure for some friends today, loosely based on the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book and movies, complete with singing Oompa Loompa's and weird magic items. (At the end of the session the characters also ended up with the Golden Ticket which can summon the Great...
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    Table Top AR = Augmented Reality app for table top games

    Found this today: It's an app to create 3D images of buildings, monsters, traps and such that can be appear on your gaming table when viewed through the app on your smartphone. It's being developed by STAG, here is their Kickstarter...
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    Shield master on twitter

    Maybe. Or maybe he decided it was too effective if it allows you [a chance] to give yourself advantage on all your melee attacks every turn, and reversed his prior ruling for that reason.
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    Left 4 Dead in 5e: The Infected

    Infected - Tank Large Monstrosity, neutral Armor Class:17 (natural armor) Hit Points:11d12 + 55 (126) Speed:40 ft., climb 20’ STR 26 (+8) DEX 10 (+0) CON 20 (+5) INT 6 (-2) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 9 (-1) Saving Throws: Dex +3, Con +8, Wis +4 Skills:Athletics +12, Perception +4 Condition Immunities...
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    Left 4 Dead in 5e: The Infected

    Infected - Hunter Medium Monstrosity, neutral evil Armor Class:15 Hit Points:11d8 (49) Speed:30 ft. (50’ when jumping) STR 16 (+3) DEX 20 (+5) CON 10 (+0) INT 11 (0) WIS 10 (0) CHA 8 (-2) Saving Throws: Dex +8, Wis +3 Skills:Perception +3, Stealth +9 (expertise) Feats: Skulker -You can try to...
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    Left 4 Dead in 5e: The Infected

    Infected - Smoker Medium Monstrosity, neutral evil Armor Class:15 Hit Points:11d8 (49) Speed:30 ft. STR 16 (+3) DEX 20 (+5) CON 10 (+0) INT 11 (0) WIS 10 (0) CHA 8 (-2) Saving Throws: Dex +8, Wis +3 Skills:Perception +3, Stealth +9 (expertise) Feats: Skulker -You can try to hide when you are...
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    Left 4 Dead in 5e: The Infected

    I'm setting up a special scenario for my home campaign, based on the "Left 4 Dead 2" cooperative survival horror (3rd person shooter) game from Valve. This is what I have so far (still working on the rest of the stat blocks). This is a very rough conversion of the Infected from Valve’s “Left...
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    5E Character Backstories: Care to share?

    This one is pretty long. It's the backstory of Jack Frostbrand, a hexblade warlock I'm currently playing in a non-AL game so the DM gave me free reign to reskin the fluff while keeping the mechanics the same. I may have gone overboard - a three page family history, plus 5 pages of his personal...
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    5E Homebrew Monster: Prismatic Hydra

    This is a legendary hydra I plan on having my players encounter in our next session. Thought I'd share it in case anyone found it interesting. It will be at the bottom of a 30' deep body of water, with the PC's on platforms and walkways that are 10' above the surface of the water. Prismatic...
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    5E Shadowscale (Dragonborn Rogue Archtype)

    This is my first pass at a Dragonborn specific Rogue Archtype, loosely based on the Shadow Dragon template. Shadowscale (Dragonborn Rogue Archtype) The Shadowscales are an organization of Dragonborn Rogues that have learned to embrace the Shadowfell and combine the abilities of a Shadow...
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    5E Hand cannon?

    Do you want a literal hand cannon (Chinese hand cannons)? or a flintlock pistol? or something else?
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    5E Weird spell+item combo - would this work?

    So, I have a 9th level Warlock who recently acquired a Cube of Force. This warlock also has the "Sculptor of Flesh" invocation that lets him cast Polymorph once a day. I noticed that the effect of the Cube, once activated, is centered on you - not on the magic item. And one of the possible...
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    DDAL Conflict? Belt of Fire Giant Strength & Belt of Dwarvenkind

    No even as a fashion statement? :) But it really depends on how big you think the belts are. Are they like this? Or like this? Just don't go overboard.
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    5E Arcane multiclassing... does it make sense?

    Yeah, they're all nerds!
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    5E Multiclass Question: Does a Swashbuckler's Fancy Footwork & Druid's Wild Shape work together?

    Yes, but nothing beats wildshaping into a feline swashbuckler. Bonus points if you can get a pair of boots that won't meld with the new form...