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  1. brehobit

    Help with tools for large on-line game

    Hi folks, A group of old friends distributed all over the US have been using Fantasy Grounds for years now and it works well (pathfinder, 5e and a bit of blades-in-the-dark). But our next pathfinder game looks like it will have 6 players and will be more intrigue oriented than we normally do...
  2. brehobit

    5E What armor can druids wear? Is there a way to get a decent AC?

    I'm amused this thread is back up, mostly because in the current game I'm playing I'm playing a very high AC circle of the moon druid. Did it with the original version of the warforged. I shouldn't have gone CoM given that they almost never change shape in combat. Level 8 now, AC 21 and...
  3. brehobit

    Version 5.25 -- what do you change?

    Probably been asked elsewhere, but if you could change/fix just a handful of 5e things, what would go on your list? There are a handful (5? 6?) feats that are just too good. They probably need to move down a bit in power. I find that the point-buy rules make characters a bit too "samey" even...
  4. brehobit

    5E Melee Barbarian/Warlock

    Sounds like fun. Mechanically drow is probably weaker than human with polearm mastery (it's a huge feat, up there with GWM). As far as spells, I find that by Warlock 5/Barb1 I'm mostly casting Armor of Aghathys and fireball. Really not much of anything else other than darkness on rare...
  5. brehobit

    Rate my Aspect of Tiamat

    I'm shooting for CR 13, but I think it's probably 14? I'd like your thoughts. Aspect Of Tiamat Huge dragon, chaotic evil Armor Class 20 (Natural Armor) Hit Points 190 (18d10 + 90) Speed 40 ft., climb 40 ft., fly 80 ft. STR 24 (+7) DEX 11 (+0) CON 20 (+5) INT 19 (+4) WIS 16 (+3) CHA 19 (+4)...
  6. brehobit

    5e Red Hand of Doom Conversion guide?

    Hi folks, I see there was a kickstarter for a Red Hand of Doom conversion guide. A) was it any good? B) is there any way to get a hold of it? Thanks!
  7. brehobit

    old RPGA polyhedrons worth anything?

    Hi folks, I'm cleaning house and heading to GenCon (just for Sunday) and found a bunch of the old Polyhedron news magazines laying around. Issues 1 to 20 or something like that. Are these worth trying to sell? If so, any idea on prices or what shop (or person I guess) might be interested...
  8. brehobit

    Running 5e published adventures

    I've mostly either played games (both in person and on fantasy grounds) or run home-brewed games. I'm going to start a Yawning Portal game (that might morph into Strahd at some point). And I'm starting to think about prep. Is there any pre-done work that has the monster stat blocks grouped by...
  9. brehobit

    stat points for a feat.

    Hi folks, I'm planning on starting a new 5e game. I _really_ like 5e, but I've found, especially at lower-levels, that alt-human is a bit overpowered. That first feat makes a huge difference. I also think that feats are really fun for 1st level characters to have. Also, the standard human...
  10. brehobit

    "enter your reach" and polearm mastery

    How does the text in polearm mastery about "enter your reach" work with cover? Assume a reach weapon is being used. If a creature was 10 feet away but behind full cover and then steps so that it no longer has cover (at either 5 feet or 10 feet), does that trigger an opportunity attack...
  11. brehobit

    5E legal staff and shield for hexblade?

    Hi folks, I want to check if the following is legal. Could I take a hexblade (playtest version at least), wield an arcane focus staff and a shield and still: Use Hex Warrior to add charisma for attack and damage Take full advantage of polearm mastery? Cast spells freely (no "item manipulation"...
  12. brehobit

    5E 3rd level pregens?

    Hi folks, I'm considering running a short introduction to 5e targeted to kids aged 11-15 or so at a game con. I've got the adventure written (ran something like this for some kids at a gathering of friends a couple of years ago), but really don't have the time to make nice and easy-to-use...
  13. brehobit

    PF pounce, attack bonuses for charge, and changing targets

    Hi folks, Quick pounce questions: If you charge with a pounce, do you get +2 to all attacks or just the first? Do all the attacks need to target the same creature or can you split your attacks? Thanks!
  14. brehobit

    5E Best Gish

    There have been a few discussions about "best Gish" hidden in other threads, but given that I strongly prefer to play casters who can hold their own in melee, I thought it would be fun to see what folks prefer for their fighter/caster. Without multiclassing, I'd say you've got the valor bard...
  15. brehobit

    5E Potions and concentration

    I was told at a convention that there was some ruling about potions and concentration (on twitter?) Anyone see this?
  16. brehobit

    5E Archetypes and pillar coverage

    We just saw the new rogue archetype, the mastermind. And the first thing that jumped out at me was that it had one full level of stuff that was for use purely out-of-combat (level 9 has only one feature and I'd call it a "ribbon"). And no one seemed to mind or object. But the other rogue...
  17. brehobit

    DDAL What magic items are now "out there" in AL?

    I'm curious if anyone has made a list of the magic items that are "out there" in AL. I just got winged boots for my 1st (now 3rd) level character and that seems like an item that could mess with games in the future (flight can be very very powerful in certain situations). I've seen some...
  18. brehobit

    A better ranger (mostly beast master)

    I know WotC has seen some significant problems with the ranger in their surveys and we've seen attempts to make it better a few times in Unearthed Arcana. I honestly think a hunter is fine. The two-weapon fighters do have some problems, mostly with the off-hand attack bonus action and hunter's...
  19. brehobit

    5E Command

    Had someone use command on a ship to order an (armored) captain to "swim". Save was missed and I had him jump in the water. How would you have ruled it. In that situation it was a very powerful application of the spell. And we are expecting a lot of boat-based stuff, so...
  20. brehobit

    5E Crowd source request: a CR 4 Necromancer

    Hi folks, I've been working on a few monsters for a short D&D game I'm going to run and I'm struggling with the big baddy. Anyone willing to help with suggestions for a 5e Necromancer that has a CR of 4? Context would be a final showdown with him, a few lair actions, and a fair number of...