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  1. Mournblade94

    Has the Wandering Monster concept died?

    I have been fitting alot of different published modules into the Forgotten Realms, because unfortunately my job encroaches on my planning time. In any case, at least judging by Pathfinder publishcations I cannot find tables for Wandering Monsters. In general are they 'dead'? Am I missing them?
  2. Mournblade94

    Would Darksun have been a better 1st release for 4e?

    I addressed this in another thread. FOr those that were not happy with the 3rd edition to 4e changeover, if Dark Sun had been the leading campagin setting instead of Forgotten Realms would this have changed your reception? Darksun ALMOST got me to go back to WOTC products. It looked nice, and...
  3. Mournblade94

    Thor Trailer ROCKS!!

    Probably in the wrong place but if you ahve not been able to see this here it is! AWESOME!!!!! Check out the full Thor trailer and get hammered Enjoy!!!!
  4. Mournblade94

    Can anyone help me with posting this?

    Hello everyone! I have converted some things from the Mass Effect universe into the alternity rules system. I did a simple copy and paste for the Biotics system, but it seems crude. 1) Is there a way to post your work other than copy and pasting word documents.\? 2) What forum or area...
  5. Mournblade94

    Mass effect biotics to alternity rules

    Biotics have the power to biologically manipulate Dark Energy through focusing electrical impulses of the brain to "element zero' nodules in the nervous system. This is no easy feat. Biotics must undergo intense training,in order to learn how to manipulate this dark energy. Furthermore...
  6. Mournblade94

    The archmage prestige class

    I ahve always loved the archmage. Recently I have converted some of my Archmage NPC's to Pathfinder rules. I am trying to convert the prestige class, but I am not sure if it will work. For one the Wizard Class is great, but I am not sure how the parts of teh archmage, with shaping of area...
  7. Mournblade94

    Blog posts on DDI should be free

    One of the innovations of 4e was the DD Insider. This feature alone will allow 4e to out compete the other games. Things in DDI should not be free, but there is some content that SHOULD be free. I just read the interview with James Wyatt from Dungeon Mastering. Within the text, was a link...
  8. Mournblade94

    Monster Manual Music Video

    Brilliant!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: http://
  9. Mournblade94

    PF What is the easiest way to catch up on GOlarion Lore?

    I am tired of trying to figure out how to create a thread at PAIZO, so I will ask Here: For someone like me that has no background information of GOlarion, what are the best products to buy (I prefer print material) to learn the lore and the land. Is it AP, because I bought Crimson throne and...
  10. Mournblade94

    First Combat for Gameday

    How long did this take people to complete? It took my group over an hour to finish. Many of the players were new, not being snarky here, but one player is on serious meds for ADD. The DM Seemed familiar with 4e rules. Some players were running 2 characters. I was playing Squeaks...