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  1. morepurplemorebetter

    Bugs on the Downloads pages (please forward to developers)

    Hello Morrus, I know you get a lot of complaints regarding things not working on the website even though you are not responsible for them because you are using commercial software. I noticed some things wrong with the section of this website that I use the most: the download section. I would...
  2. morepurplemorebetter

    Just updated my Character Sheet in the downloads section. Now the link doesn't work anymore. Edit: found a fix

    I regularly update my D&D 5e character sheet in the downloads section (and it is currently the most download one on the site). I just updated that download to a newer version and after I pressed 'save', the site returned me to the link and gave me the following error: The link to the download...
  3. morepurplemorebetter

    [suggestion] Make the columns in the downloads section sortable

    Currently all entries in the downloads section are sorted by 'Last Updated'. Now I like that as a default view, but I think there is a lot to gain from being able to sort the entries by the values of other columns, especially 'Total Downloads' and 'Rating'. When somebody posts something new it...
  4. morepurplemorebetter

    MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    Please refer to the download page here on ENworld for more information.