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  1. jmartkdr2

    Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    I played it in the 80's when I was first starting to learn rpg's - and frankly still mastering the art of reading. It was certainly fun at the time! I've broken it out from time to time since - and it generally doesn't hold up for me or the people I play with. It's too simple once you know how...
  2. jmartkdr2

    5E Story Rewards instead of level rewards?

    To a point - even if they're all wizards, you still wouldn't want them all learning exactly the same spells. You'd want the be differentiate their magic.
  3. jmartkdr2

    5E Story Rewards instead of level rewards?

    Addendum: I have played rpg's with point-buy advancement before. It take more work to keep them coherent and balanced (because someone who specializes in violence can nearly always choose to steal the spotlight form nonviolent characters), but they can work.
  4. jmartkdr2

    5E Story Rewards instead of level rewards?

    One thing that this might do is force the party apart - the quest to learn teleport is probably not going to interest the fighter all that much, so he's going to go learn power attack, while the rogue learns the sneak attack better, and the cleric learn whatever. If it's all downtime...
  5. jmartkdr2

    Game Rules and the World

    I prefer the "murky mirror" version of this relationship described by the angry gm here: Through a Glass Darkly: IC, OOC, and the Myth of Player/Character Seperation Short version: the rules are an imperfect reflection of the game world, but using rules is the best we're able to reasonably...
  6. jmartkdr2

    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    Well the alternative is unplayable, so we use turns. Incidentally, this is why I hate any houserule that makes initiative more complicated. Anything that calls attention to the turn structure calls attention to the least realistic part of the rules.
  7. jmartkdr2

    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    The thing is: what the system is supposed to be simulating is each player getting 6 seconds to act. A full six seconds, every round. But everyone's turn is happening at once, so they're all using the same six seconds. The very same six seconds the monsters are using. "Turns" is entirely an...
  8. jmartkdr2

    5E How autonomous is a Simulacrum?

    For the first: yeah, you get get to fight two of them. Try to find out which is the weakest and crush that one early. A lot of AoE will go a long way (or at least make them burn spell slots on counterspells) since the clones have half the original's hp. For the multi-clone part: if the...
  9. jmartkdr2

    Your Favorite 5e Houserule

    The only one I've used consistently is: bonus action to drink a potion. It just makes potions much more useful. Beyond that I have a vague "all lists are merely suggestions" policy: especially spell lists are assumed to be guidelines, but any other list is assumed to be, at the very least...
  10. jmartkdr2

    Where does negative energy fit into the D&D chrono-cosmology?

    Definitely for these planes - both of them are generally instantly lethal to anyone or anything trying to go there, so them not being places wouldn't even have ripple effects. Getting rid of, say, the ethereal plane would make certain spells weird at best.
  11. jmartkdr2

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    One thing I have to get out the habit of doing is: I shouldn't assume a game is "RAW unless otherwise specified." That's just A way to play, after all. Of course RAW can't cover everything, which is why we have dm's in the first place, even when we intend to use RAW as much as possible. If a...
  12. jmartkdr2

    So who likes D&D?

    Not me. D&D is for nerds.
  13. jmartkdr2

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    The flip of this is: when a dm I'm playing with does something that changes how the game would work, I generally remind them of the book rule. I usually go with "just so you know, RAW would be..." If the dm decides to go with the change - fine, that's the new rule. Or the way we're doing it just...
  14. jmartkdr2

    Which do you prefer, character build or fixed growth?

    Oooo... that's an even better way to put it.
  15. jmartkdr2

    Which do you prefer, character build or fixed growth?

    I'd say it's the worst of both if you adhere rigidly to the plan, and the best of both if the plan is treated as simply a plan - one that can and should be adjusted based on the realities on the ground, so to speak. I usually have a broad idea where I'm going with my character before session 1...
  16. jmartkdr2

    Is "official" lore important to you?

    See, they could have done this well if they didn't try to impose the new ideas for the new setting on old settings. In other word, FR gnolls should have been (form an rp perspective) the same as last edition's FR gnolls. The new Nentir Vale cosmology should only apply to that setting, etc...
  17. jmartkdr2

    "Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!

    If you're getting into a lot of arguments, there's an underlying issue. The best solution is to tease out and address that, rather than go after the symptom. If it's rules arguments, it could be that the people at the table have different understandings of some fundamental assumption like 'how...
  18. jmartkdr2

    5E If you had to choose: short rest vs long rest

    Of the house rules, I'd be more inclined to try "everything on a short rest" simply because I haven't played that way before. But one thing I have done is allow shorter short rests to help with pacing in the dungeon (an hour is a lot) - it works fine.
  19. jmartkdr2

    Multiclassing in D&D 3rd Edition

    There's a few narrative reasons to multiclass, and a career change is certainly a common enough one. It's also the one best represented by 3e/5e multiclassing rules. (I'm also okay with not penalizing the old class - I still have most of my sale skills, even though I quit that career 8 years...
  20. jmartkdr2

    Multiclassing in D&D 3rd Edition

    This would make for really weird scaling at the low end - worse than the current rules, even. A level 1 character would be close to useless in an adventure, since they'd pretty much be restricted to tiny bonuses overall. Look at how annoying hp scaling is at low levels where a firstie is always...