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    Pop-up notification

    Mine had a little X to close - but I’m on mobile.
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    How to address racism in a fantasy setting without it dragging down the game?

    As others have said said, it’s a tough question. I find there are two straightforward ways: you can humanize some monsters - such as by having the party meet someone civilized that they like and later reveal they’re a monster. they’re misunderstood, but neither more good nor evil than anyone...
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    PF2 [Straight Path Games] Caravan of Wonders

    Cheerful music wafts from a circle of brightly colored wagons ahead of you. A pair of dancers spin to the music, twirling brightly colored scarves as they do, receiving a scattering of applause as the song concludes. The largest of the wagons has a small tree growing from its roof, hung with a...
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    So, I hate pdfs. Any advice on hating them less?

    I have much the same aversion - I think PDFs are well and good for reference and stuff, but I simply can’t stand sitting and reading them. I think at core of the problem is the fact that most PDFs are made for reading on paper, and the world hasn’t quite caught up to the idea that even the best...
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    PF2 [PF2] Premade Players

    Looking to jump right into Pathfinder Second Edition, but haven't had time to read the book, let alone make a character? Straight Path Games has you covered! This Package of Pregenerated Player Characters has game-ready characters ready to go in seconds! Not only can these PF2 characters be used...
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    SF [Straight Path Games] Starfinder Compatible Adaptive Armory - new weapons and armor

    Gearing up for adventure can be complicated. You have to find a suit of armor that offers you the right balance of protection, flexibility, and weight, and sort through a list of hundreds of options to find the deadliest weapon that suits your skills. Then, you have to pick a different...
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    [Straight Path Games] How Do I... Rest

    "How'd you rest?" "Well, I lay down, closed my eyes, and waited. I also looked up rules in eight different chapters to make sure I healed back up to full resolve correctly." All joking aside, the rules for resting in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game are spread out between nearly every chapter...
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    PF [Straight Path Games] Roleplaying Game Dictionary

    Most likely, if you’re reading this, you’re a gamer. And I hope a dictionary of every term in gaming interests, and even helps you. But it isn’t really for you, it’s for your friend. That one who is a little interested in playing, and has tried a few sessions but has never been able to get...
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    [Straight Path Games] Dice Cards

    Dice are random. This sounds quite obvious, but they're perfectly random, and that isn't always fair. Dice cards, however, are both random *and* fair, as they give less randomness over a given set of rolls, but an equivalent amount of randomness over time. Replacing dice with cards is a...
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    [Straight Path Games] Straight Classes

    What class do you give to a new player? A bog-standard fighter guaranteed to be outclassed by 5th level? A Ranger who will need to ask questions every other round? A top-tier wizard who can outshine everybody but needs the GM to select spells for between sessions? An unchained rogue who is...
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    SF [Straight Path Games] Starfinder Compatible: The World Of Nommu

    Welcome to Nommu, home of the Nomi. This world is beautiful and rich in art and music - just ignore all the civil unrest boiling beneath the surface and I'm sure you'll be just fine. You can get it at OBS, here!
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    [Straight Path Games] Trap Cards (system-neutral)

    Do you hate traps? Don't kid yourself - you hate them. Their very nature makes them hard to enjoy - nobody knows about them until after they've sprung. But maybe, if you had a deck of cards that gave you cues, you could give players a hint as to what's coming. Maybe, by making traps more...
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    [Straight Path Games] Starfinder Compatible: Orbi City-Station

    Sitting on a disk dozens of miles across is a city of metal and glass. Yet, for as intimidating as it appears from a distance the streets are a riot of warm colors and filled the soft sounds of laughter and good cheer. This is the city of Orbi: home to the exotic Nomi and galactic hub of...
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    [Straight Path Games] Straight Skills

    Do you hum and haw over skill selection? Are you a GM whose players are always trying to use skills in ways they weren't intended for? Do you know a player who is struggling to learn what each skill does? Straight Skills is an optional subsystem compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game...
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    [Straight Path Games] Conversation Cards

    Are you looking for a way to add more description to your game? Why not start with giving a little more character to your characters! It gets tired and stale when characters just ‘say’ things all the time, when they’re ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ instead of being ‘an adoring fan’ or ‘concerned...
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    [Straight Path Games] How Do I Fly?

    Do you play a mid-level wizard? Do any of your players? Or, perhaps someone you know has a raven familiar? Do you want a quick reference on the flying rules to make sure you have everything right, as easily as possible? Well, I know the answer to that last bit is "yes!", so you need How Do I...
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    [Straight Path Games] The Stealth Scale

    Do you like to play stealthy characters? Do you want an ability to do so in a meaningful way even as your other party members causing trouble? Or when you are opposed by dozens of diverse creatures? Then you want The Stealth Scale. The Stealth Scale is about making sneaking around...
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    [Straight Path Games] And Then... Zombies!

    The cold chill of death fills the air. You spot a single figure standing at an awkward angle, its flesh pallid and its eyes unfocused. It turns towards you, and you instantly know... zombie! And Then... Zombies features a collection of elements can be added to nearly any encounter or...
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    [Straight Path Games] What Is Incorporeal

    Incorporeality is one of the easiest to misunderstand rules in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game - and there are a lot of good reasons for it. It's something that has worked differently in every iteration of the game so far, and it's not even the same in the different places it appears in the...
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    [Straight Path Games] The Wealth System

    Does your party always roll their eyes when they have to pick someone to keep track of the treasure? Do you hate figuring out how much money each minion carries to keep your players from going over their WBL? Do you want Charisma to have a reason other than Diplomacy not to be a dump stat...