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  1. Nutation

    Favorite superhero RPGs?

    Champions is my first love. But,DC Heroes does simplicity and elegance best without sacrificing crunch. The logarithmic scale for everything means it can handle a huge range of power levels. A powerful-enough character can search the entire planet for a hidden opponent in one action and one...
  2. Nutation

    News Digest for the Week of July 28

    I don't know what they mean by "bringing D&D back". Baldman Games has been running organized play D&D at GenCon on behalf of Wizards since the dawn of time. Wizards itself pulled its official presence a few years ago, perhaps it's a badly-worded reference to that.
  3. Nutation

    D&D General D&D coming to SDCC 2023

    I see more art on the buildings facing the S D convention center than I have in 15 years (Paramount, Fox animation others). I don't know what that means.
  4. Nutation

    D&D General D&D coming to SDCC 2023

    I walked the floor today; same conclusion. Some of the events have been cancelled, maybe a lot of the big ones. In particular, I expected a panel and preview of the long-anticipated (snark) 2nd season of Wheel of Time. Nope. Other the were moved up in the schedule. I did see a F X preview, so...
  5. Nutation

    D&D General D&D coming to SDCC 2023

    Adventurer's League and its predecessor have been running D&D at the convention for at least the last 20 years. We mainly do 2-hour scenarios as learn-to-play because that's the nature of the crowd. It's almost all walk-ins with a few regulars.
  6. Nutation

    Barbie v. Oppenheimer: YOU DECIDE

    NBC Barbie now, a perfectly marketable concept. Pre-Hbomb, it would have been ABC Barbie.
  7. Nutation

    Add some flavor to a mushroom-rich adventure

    One side makes you larger, and the other side makes you small. (I am the first to reference Alice in Wonderland?)
  8. Nutation

    D&D General So what is high level play like?

    I've run several Adventurers League modules at tier 4. They do have high level spellcasters, and that part of it can devolve into old-fashioned rocket tag in 3rd edition style. I've literally had party and NPCs trading meteor swarms. Important NPCs absolutely must have legendary resistance, but...
  9. Nutation

    Dice pool game design woes

    ICONS takes this approach. Sometimes the PCs are facing an opponent whose Coordination or other attribute is so high that victory is impossible. The PCs will have to try Combined Efforts or exploit a Quality (weakness) of the opponent. I've also seen this in systems where armor subtracts from...
  10. Nutation

    Board Game Suggestions

    Apples to Apples Junior. I prefer the "kid" version of the card game to any of the adult versions. They all play the same, but the various versions for older players can become trivia challenges. By contrast, anyone can understand the cards that say "bubblegum" or "pickles".
  11. Nutation

    Fantasy France - what would it have?

    Poul and Karen Anderson's The King of Ys novels feature a Roman centurion in 5th century Brittany. They are based on local folklore with Celtic culture and mythology. Although, if I want to do Romans in Gaul, I will use the classic setting that Shades of Eternity referenced.
  12. Nutation

    Quantum Leap Reboot (spoilers allowed)

    They were inconsistent as to whose body it is. I doubt the writers ever decided themselves. On one side of the argument is the pregnancy episode. On the other side is Sam as a disabled man who stands and walks despite having no legs. Eventually, they all but stated that the hand of God is...
  13. Nutation

    The Queen has died

    Philip almost survived her, he only died last year. If Philip were still alive, what would his title be now, "Prince Father"? It would be unique.
  14. Nutation

    The Queen has died

    In the UK, yes. There may be more extreme examples elsewhere. He was also 3 when his mother became monarch, so he's had 70 years as the presumptive heir.
  15. Nutation

    The Queen has died

    So many amazing facts and superlatives from her life - the number of PMs during her reign (15), the number of world leaders she met (uncounted). The Trucker reported her death because she was one of them, a big truck driver. Here's one that stick out to me, she was on the cover of TIME Magazine...
  16. Nutation

    Pre-generated characters for one-shot game; sex and gender breakdown. Opinions wanted.

    Ditto. I also toss out a pile of miniatures (not recommended for lead miniatures) for players to choose among.
  17. Nutation

    D&D General The Biggest Problem with Modern Adventures...

    It's the same structure. 2- and 4-hour scenarios with some story arcs of 3 scenarios if you want something longer.
  18. Nutation

    Ms Marvel (spoilers)

    Something similar was done in Captain America: TFA. He is wearing his stage outfit, then he puts on combat gear over it, then the two get blended into the final outfit.
  19. Nutation

    Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers

    I deduce that other gods have their own distinctive ways of getting around the universe. Thor uses the lightning bolt at one point, so that would be Zeus' method.
  20. Nutation

    The Next TTRPG (nomenclature)

    This is the correct response. link