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  1. dangerous jack

    D&D 5E What PHB class are you most anticipating?

    Really keen to see the new take on the Assassin. (so Rogue, I suppose) Other than that, how the differences between Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard are presented.
  2. dangerous jack

    How should humans be human?

    They are competing ideas, but not mutually exclusive. Ability score bonuses are indeed downright simple, but I just think they are a lazy approach and one that messes with my personal simulationist side. Another way to say it is that it seems like its reactive (to their design work with other...
  3. dangerous jack

    6-5 Rule of Three

    I am arguing for baseline, but not no power whatsoever. There are two ways to do it. 1) give humans effective and simple to understand powers. E.g. A reroll of any single roll once / encounter, and/or a 4e action point. These are powerful enough (yet simple enough) that other races could...
  4. dangerous jack

    6-5 Rule of Three

    I think you're right in your analysis on the first point. But I would be just as annoyed if not more so at a +1 to every d20 roll. :-) It would force more addition and be easy to forget (except for stuff that can be precalculated on the character sheet), and still messes with my personal...
  5. dangerous jack

    Ranger Design Goals

    1. I'd drop wilderness and replace it with hostile environment, because I could see an enemy controlled city as a place where a ranger was more comfortable than other characters. But aside from splitting hairs like that, I reallly like the awareness about ambushes/trails aspect. I'm not sure...
  6. dangerous jack

    How should humans be human?

    I don't think having humans as a baseline means they have to be vanilla in all ways. I think they should periodically take a look at the game if there were no races, and figure out if they'd make the same choices for humans. So if every character was human, would we give them all... * ... +1...
  7. dangerous jack

    6-5 Rule of Three

    1) I like Paladins as a class. I think there have been enough niche power styles for paladins over the years that a class is appropriate (e.g. auras, challenges/sanction, & smites) 2) I like advantage/disadvantage. Not sure how this rule of thumb will work out in the long term, but we'll see...
  8. dangerous jack

    Racial abilities & stereotypes.

    I think it can depend on two things. One is your view of what the different races represent: * Elves are only as different from humans as the different human races: no racial modifiers * The average elf is a little more dextrous and has slightly lower constitution than a human: +1 dex, -1 con *...
  9. dangerous jack

    A gamist defense of limited in-combat healing

    It's attractive to give clerics and PCs more healing powers (hey, who doesn't like more power), but that inevitably causes inflation pressures on the amount of hp PCs need to get through fights. For me, in-combat healing should only be a way to smooth out the swinginess. So limited use...
  10. dangerous jack

    Which stat for init?

    From what I remember, during the development of 4e they considered making Initiative a skill, but dropped that because it became a must-have skill that everyone trained. Personally, I'd favour removing ability modifiers from initiative checks, but I'd also like to remove ability modifiers from...
  11. dangerous jack

    Something Old, something New, something Borrowed, something blew...

    Old: 2e multiclassing (although let me pick up a class later on and just spend the XP), and the relatively compact size of the player's book from BECMI New: Second Wind (although I like the surgeless 50% per encounter ala Gamma World) Borrowed: I don't really play non-D&D, but I like the idea...
  12. dangerous jack

    Suggest Your "Rule of Three" Questions for Next Week (4/17)

    What are your thoughts about characters that play against type (e.g. dwarven wizards, Goliath rogues, elven paladins, or even the old half-blind lame but vastly experienced warrior)? Is it a design goal to make these types of characters viable and equally effective as those that play to type?
  13. dangerous jack

    Top end of +N weapons and armor?

    Voted +2, and the game should assume that PCs have no bonus to their attack rolls coming from their weapon. +0 for most magic weapons. +1 for truly masterwork and some magic weapons. +2 reserved for those magic weapons that have their magic specifically tuned to accuracy (at the expense of not...
  14. dangerous jack

    D&D 5E Should the +1 Sword Exist in 5E?

    +1: sure, but like others I'd say these are mundane masterwork weapons. It's perfectly balanced. I'd just call it a "masterwork weapon". +3: sure, but it's cursed. The weapon is guiding your hand, not your skill, and it doesn't give back control easily. or maybe it does, but if you let it...
  15. dangerous jack

    New WotC Article - Deadly Dice

    Copied from my post on the site, since it's something that I feel pretty strongly about.
  16. dangerous jack

    Paladins as Divine Item User... sort of.

    The 3e Samurai from Oriental Adventures book had the "Ancestral Daisho" feature that started them with a sword that gained powers as they leveled. So it can work. Personally, it's not exactly what I want from a Paladin though.
  17. dangerous jack

    New WotC Article - The Role of Skills

    HP for health are supposed to be fairly abstract too, so transferring it to skills doesn't bother me in the slightest either. I think this type of system would open up a lot of interesting skill challenges and is certainly worth exploring. Even rolling a 20 would mean something more than just...
  18. dangerous jack

    Classes based on the six ability scores

    I actually really liked the d20 Modern system (but never got to run or play in it). But I think I'd only like it in a fairly real-world-based campaign. In 4e terms, if you were restricted to the martial power source, then this system would work really well for me. But for D&D, I need to be...
  19. dangerous jack

    Morrus on ... XP

    Back in 2e, I would spend a lot of time calculating individual XP based on spells cast (wizards & clerics), treasure value found (thieves), monsters defeated individually (fighters). So we had characters at level 4 and characters at level 7 depending on they're absenteeism. Now in 4e, I don't...
  20. dangerous jack

    D&D Race You Hate the Most

    I answered the following races, based on whether: * do they fill a niche * would I try to find a place for them if a player wanted to play one IMC * have I ever seen a compelling character with the race Gnome - Tiny eladrin? Tinker gnomes? Rodents? :-) Kender - If they aren't annoying in...