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    Reclaim the name of Paladin!

    I'm fairly sure Paladins are a seperate class to Clerics in DDN and they'll be quite different. Clerics are going to be Vancian casters in Heavy armour and Mace. Paladins will be warriors of their faith. Given that DDN seems to be more about regression than progression. DDN will probably go...
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    Why we need Warlords in D&DN

    I was going to respond to the quoted post, but i'll respond to this and expand. The core difference between Fighter and Warlord is psychology and approach to combat. This is largely inferred by role more than anything. Don't forget that Fighter is so generic a name it could elude or become any...
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    Why we need Warlords in D&DN

    Read the class description of the Warlord and powers and you'll get a clear indication of how he's doing anything. If you're still unhappy that your Warlord can do anything more than hit things, just add psychic to his power descriptions and pretend. Case Closed. The class isn't brought about...
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    I'm With D&D

    What if D&D turns out rubbish and you hate it? Are you still with D&D then? Why would you even bother playing D&D if it was rubbish? Or you hated it? Perhaps I should make a "I'm with Progress" badge...
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    D&D 4E Three Moves to Fix/Change 4E

    There isn't much i'd need to do that couldn't be done with Errata or just new material, so nothng major for me. The Errata i'd prioritise 1) Hybrids get 4 skills 2) Reduced Casting time for many Rituals 3) Change the Class Compendium feats so they work better with Multiclassing.
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    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    And again, people go on about what they want and not what's best for the system. No-one looks at what 5e should achieve objectively. Dear WoTC, do everything I want to see, don't do the things I hate. I'm not going to break down the OP's statements, couldn't be bothered on the WoTC forum...
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    Essentials Assassin

    makes me wonder what they're going to add in order to make the e-a work? if it's just a bunch of number changes, it'll look a bit shifty.
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    Online CB yea or nay?

    Yes & No Silverlight was a mistake It's a bit naff at the mo But it has some potential, it'd have more if it weren't Silverlight based but... well.
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    Hybrid Assassin...

    -edit didn't realise you'd responded. The Assassin has some strong points as a Controller on it's own. In other cases, hybrid probably isn't your best bet anyway. I'd just go for an Assassin and just MC into something else. Half-Elf Assassin/Invoker, Dex, Wis and Con. Use the updated Helf...
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    So, how many are avoiding Essentials?

    Some threads and arguements should simply be ignored because their premise is so obviously maligned from the truth and essentially nonsense.
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    Essentials missing simple casters

    There is much that could be said about your players. Sounds like the group needs to be better at note-taking and recording effects though. List monsters, effects and when those effects end. Go through each round and make sure everything ends. It's less an issue of class design and more power...
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    Essentials missing simple casters

    What are they playing and what are they having trouble with. You can just make a blaster caster in 4e, the Wizard and Sorc can be played to very straightforward designs, but it sounds like their tactical play is what's causing grief. What tactics are they failing at?
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    Game Balance - D&D Essentials and the Adventuring Day

    The slayer is the only essentials class which is basic. That's the one who's mainly just walking around making attacks, but even he has some complexities in play. Not only do the Thief and Knight work well, they do add a lot to battlefield. The thief and his movement tricks influences enemy...
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    Game Balance - D&D Essentials and the Adventuring Day

    Probably won't have time to post a full response... basically, you're wrong. There is a requisite amount of output for each battle which is balanced against the output of the enemy. As long as a non Daily user can put out that base output, they're fine. Also, the better the base output, the...
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    Need a 'ranged' weapon for my Warden.

    Stuff the reach weapon, get the Melee 2 at-will instead of one of your other at-wills. Replace expertise in blades for expertise in axes, handaxes will be covered under that so you'll have those as an option if one comes up. Lastly, there's a shield which can be thrown in AV. Get that.
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    How do you beef up AC to Eladrin Wizard?

    Well don't forget your other defences, what implement mastery are you going for? There are some other options and considerations that would apply to your situation. 1) Heavy Control Powers will help save lives and screw up the enemy. Aim for those rather than pure damage ones. 2) Stealth, and...
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    D&D 4E So, what do you see yourself as in 4e?

    WLTM a Sexy Instigator. Mroah. Lets make action occur! Anyway, None of the above really apply. Hybrid Slayer|Thinker maybe, I do like killing monsters, hitting people with my diplomatic fists but also working with a plan... that involves punching people.
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    Martial Controller is coming in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms

    He could end up being similar to a Ranger using the Elf Racial PP. That option gives you controller like powers intermixed with your basic stuff. In any case, Classes using powers of other sources isn't new. It's been around since Martial Power. Also, the old method of Ranger has usually mixed...
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    Essentials: Magic items for characters starting above L1?

    I swear people are over complicating things. People starting at levels above 1 are assumed to have adventured normally to acquire those levels, i.e. they may have found their items on their travels be those rare, uncommon or whatever. There's no need to decide how many items of a type you...
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    D&D 4E In 4e, why do you play the Race/Class you play?

    Too many characters to go through individually, most of them have been inspired by the campaign, my flavour of the weak or inspired by a fictional character. This weeks flavour of the week (possibly month) is "using the Kensai" I'm currently obsessed with Soifon from Bleach and have tried to...