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  1. Ruthia

    Yes it's ANOTHER rant.

    How come I get the feeling what I said got taken out of context. Meh whateva :lol: annyywaayyss Though I do not RP here anymore I do poke in occasionally to see if anything's going on, or to see if my favorite people are around ((Yes Bari I do actually mean you on that one. And I agree, I like...
  2. Ruthia

    Yes it's ANOTHER rant.

    And this would be why people like myself and Imreis aren't seen on the chat site anymore. We left because we TRIED bringing in new characters that WERE NOT our most infamous couple, Ruthia and Imreis, only to have them ignored. After awhile it got boring, dull, and honestly stupid. When ever...
  3. Ruthia

    ISRP Member website overhaul

    The member list has been pruned back as We said. The only names remaining are those who contacted us and asked to remain members, or those who are part of the City of Heroes/Villains section of our boards. If you wish to become a member once more please feel free to! We would love to gain...
  4. Ruthia

    Something Nice for the TMP

    hhmm...ok lemme see. Is it sad that having been born there and living in the same state for all my life I have to look this up? *shakes head* New York City (as found in Wikipedia New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Population (as of 2007)> 8,363,710 Area> 305 square miles, (790...
  5. Ruthia

    Something Nice for the TMP

    Ohohohoh! Can I make menu suggestions? pppweeeaassee?? Go for fried and grilled foods. Easy to make and serve, take up very little room... you know. Cheeseburgers, Pizza logs...easy crap like that. mmmm pizza logs..... *runs to buy some now!*
  6. Ruthia

    Something Nice for the TMP

    I don't think Imreis was saying anything had to be changed guys and gals. I think his player was just making a suggestion. And aren't suggestions for new settings OR setting changes open for anyone to make? The strobe light thing, Yeah I can see how some people would see that acctually...
  7. Ruthia

    Something Nice for the TMP

    I like the idea of a little coffee house type thing, maybe an internet cafe? Something less noisy compared to the nightclub where people can go to get away from the hustle and bustle that is NYC. Would be the ideal place to sober up or meet up before or after being in the nightclub too...
  8. Ruthia

    A note for someone specific.

    This note seems to have a magic trigger on it that only allows who it addressed to to read it.... Red Rose, I am not sure if you wanted to know or not, but I felt I should leave you a note in case. He's getting better, hasn't drank in three weeks now. I'm ot sure what finally stopped him...
  9. Ruthia


    Applumpkin. Yes odd sounding I know. Let me explain it. Applumpkin festival happens EVER Autum, around the begining of October. It is a outdoor craft show really that takes over a whole town up here. And many of the crafts are based on the two major things of Autum. Apples and Pumkins! Now...
  10. Ruthia

    Rotunda & Setting update

    :) Hey Nashy! I got one rule/setting change I was wondering if you'd consider. Can you make it so chars who have wings can have them visable while in the Rotunda? I know it's been kinda a semi 'Ok we can do that' for a bit now but, it would be nice if you had it as an acctual rule...
  11. Ruthia

    Possible CRT setting changes

    Thing with the Cage, no offense Tre, it's well...gross! And I did say food fights not full out sock um kill um fights after all. You know, the small *(^^ that is fun. *shrugs* Suppose your right though. People go to the crossroads because it is the crossroads. Forget I put my two cents in...
  12. Ruthia

    Possible CRT setting changes

    Personally, not that I play much anymore but, I liked the new rules before Immy brought them up *Pokes Imreis in the head* Especially the dragon one cause well, the majority of my characters are dragon or half dragon! Moving the tavern would be nice. That way the whole drow thing would sort of...
  13. Ruthia

    Funny story

    Pretty Normal sweet cheeks. Where have YOU been the last few months huh? :p
  14. Ruthia

    All seems quiet...

    Miss seeing you around hun. Don't worry, some of the players of the story you started are still around. Thier keeping it warm for you on the boards. Take care of yourself, we'll see you when we see you. :D
  15. Ruthia

    Fall dance/event

    What about planning one for begining of December for in the Rotunda Nashy? I'm not sure what theme..but this would give over a month to plan?
  16. Ruthia

    Fall dance/event

    So looks like Venetian Masquerade Ball is the most talked about idea. Looks like TMP is the talked about place. Combine them?
  17. Ruthia

    Fall dance/event

    You know, most any of these ideas can by adapted to ANY setting as needed. So um, a suggestion? Why not start a setting poll once a theme is picked? That way everyone has a say in it.
  18. Ruthia

    Fall dance/event

    Here's my suggestion to go with Chaotic's thought on a theme. :)
  19. Ruthia

    For your consideration...

    Same on IE with the pop up menus.
  20. Ruthia

    Flash chat room acting weird...

    Well first time it's let me in in over three weeks now, not that thats a big deal it was more of I wanted to see who was around but hey. My question is though, why is it so laggy and why does it eat post? Is it because of the upgrades? Or is this how it will be from now on? Also I know you said...