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  1. HeavenShallBurn

    deck of many things

    If you have it go cherry pick some of the better odd things from the Chaos Magic Surges table from the old 2e Chaos Magic supplement. There's some pure gold in there.
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance age categories

    It's a result of changes between editions. Remember dragonlance was written back in 1e days. And depending on the setting elves lived from a few hundred years up to 10x the lifespan of a human (some subraces from FR got to 15-20x human lifespan). As such you can't build them precisely under...
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    Crafting a new campaign where nature tries to kick civilization's butt

    I ran an apocalyptic campaign two years ago with similarities. Something most people tend not to really think about is that you have the PHB races, then you have dozens of other demi-human races in a setting and most of them have their own gods. In that campaign the premise was that ALL the...
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    Question - Lycanthropy and Knowledge check

    More that there are many potential knowledge checks each for their own aspect of lycanthropy. Arcana could provide information on the magical aspects of the curse itself and how to break the curse, Healing could provide information on how to treat a victim to reduce chances of infliction or...
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    death giant PC

    When trying to convert from a MM entry that doesn't call it out assume any even number stat was derived from a 10 and any odd stat was derived from a base 11. In this case it works out to +24/+2/+10/+2/+10/+14 EDIT: Just for future reference out of all creatures giants have the greatest...
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    death giant PC

    Are you sure? My copy of MM3 has a straight 23HD giant with no fighter levels and none of the extra feats a fighter would get. Wouldn't be the first time something changed between printings. Base Stats are 34/13/21/12/20/25
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    death giant PC

    Are you sure you want to use LA, the system is rather flawed especially as PCs get farther from the standard races mechanically? If this is an all giant campaign you can adjust power levels by adding class levels until others are brought up to his level. Cause if you're willing to include...
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    Eberron Question: Droaam Mercenaries

    The problem is that none of them work as military formations. They work fine as party encounters, but they don't work as parts of a larger force. Heroes of Battle and Forge of War both have this problem. So while I'm using some of it as general advice for how various nations tend to do things...
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    Eberron Question: Droaam Mercenaries

    Checked an online source of Forge of War, now I remember why I never bought that one it was faceplam inducing. Similar to Heroes of Battle which was absolutely garbage when it came to dealing with armies and warfare themselves rather than the fairly good advice on how to bring warfare into a...
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    Eberron Question: Droaam Mercenaries

    I'm certain I remember Droaam mercenaries being hired in units with a minimum number of troops but I can't find it in any of the books now. Does anyone else remember where to find that? Barring an answer I'll probably have them hired as platoon-sized units as a minimum. I was going to set up...
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    D&D 5E Should D&D 5E be GURPS D&D?

    Indeed I've bought quite a few GURPS books just for the fluff text and background material. 3e was better for this than 4e, some of those GURPS 3e books were so well researched they could actually be used as texts if you ignored the game mechanics.
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    Mixing Versions?

    You're not alone. While I don't play or run 4e I pretty freely mix stuff from older editions, and even import stuff from completely different game systems on occasion to deal with special cases and exceptions. There's no such thing as badfun, all fun is good, so have some fun.
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    Search for Eternal Youth: Spells Alter and Polymorph Self

    I second reincarnate, in fact in most homebrew campaigns all the oldest creatures in the setting are druids. Then there's the issue that Druid's using this reincarnate cycle can return as a wide variety of species and genders. So before too long they tend to become very unprejudiced and...
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    Print on Demand Services

    I've used Lulu since about 2005 and despite numerous orders I've yet to see a single print-quality issue. If anything my experience is that their quality often exceeds what you find in chain bookstores as far as paper quality and trim goes.
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    Shemeska's Planescape Storyhour (Updated 29 Jan 2014)

    I think that might be me, I remember making a pdf back in around 2006-2007 but the formatting got really screwed up in the conversion. Don't remember whether I posted it anywhere, the formatting really did suck and by now it would be years out of date anyway. This is like the fifth time I've...
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    Need Suggestions for My City

    She got bumped from 3.0e Deities & Demigods to cut pagecount. The WoTC image galleries had a picture of her cut from the book along with the rest several years ago. It's rather obvious why it was cut. You'd do best to just come up with something yourself.
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    Intellectual Property needing the RPG treatment

    The problem with that was she is massively attached to the story and her characters and didn't want anyone else doing things she didn't approve of with them. And second because she was completely unable to divorce setting from plot in order to create a plot free setting guide.
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    Thinking of buying a Kindle (touch or fire) - opinions wanted

    Go get an old Sony Reader, they're cheap as dirt now. I got one literally the very day they came out and have been using it ever since. I'll admit for PDF it's not so good cause of screen size issues. I get around that by simply converting from PDF to RTF format, once that's done I have no...
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    Thoughts on Harry Potter d20

    That depends on how you interpret setting canon. They clearly do serve a purpose since they react to contact with wizards and can "fit" a wizard with vary degrees of compatibility. They also clearly aren't entirely necessary because we see that both accidental magic is possible and we see some...
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    Advice on Wal-Mart online printing services

    This is a link to the Wal-Mart photo department website. Wal-Mart Photos Webfront They offer Posters, Canvases, and Fleeces. However the largest poster they print is a 30x20 which is slightly too small for my scans which are between 31-32x20 without a border. I'm not exactly rolling in cash...