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  1. neobolts

    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    NuTSR keeps resorting to whataboutism, pointing at other incidents in the TTRPG community (Jameson Stone, Daisy Grant) and trying to suggest there is a double standard. It just doesn't work because the people condeming NuTSR are also condemning these other issues. what·a·bout·ism...
  2. neobolts

    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    I wanted to jump in... in agreement with you on this particular part. Any use of safety tools where a constructive dialog is discouraged is a far from ideal use. The conversation can be later, in private, or however else the player prefers to minimize discomfort -- but it needs to happen...
  3. neobolts

    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    The entire NuTSR operation feels like 4-5 actual people and a bunch of sockpuppet accounts.
  4. neobolts

    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    I do think some people are far more suggestable/seducable than others. I also think something like this could work as a game mechanic in a TTRPG, say a selectable flaw of "easily seduced" written in a orientation-neutral way that was tonally appropriate to the game setting and subject matter...
  5. neobolts

    Level Up (A5E) Misunderstanding something about encounter building

    I think I found my slip up. It's the "Low Level Adventurers and Low CR Monsters" rule. I didn't double the CR for the fractional monsters. I'll show myself out. lol
  6. neobolts

    Level Up (A5E) Misunderstanding something about encounter building

    I'm building a ECR3 fight using zombies for a 3rd level party. So if I was using all zombies, I would think it would use 12 zombies (CR 1/4 * 12 = 3). However I noticed something that made me unsure... The sample Zombie Encounters for CR 3-4 (MM p434) indicate some CR 3&4 solo mobs, but for a...
  7. neobolts

    Spelljammer D&D Direct Live Report: 9am PDT (5pm BST) SPELLJAMMER CONFIRMED! DRAGONLANCE!

    Based on artist's tweets, the double sided map appears to be topside and underside of rock of bral
  8. neobolts

    Spelljammer 64-page Spelljammer books?

    The listing page on wizard's official announcement has each of the three books listed at 64 pages? That seems like a low count for the books descibed.
  9. neobolts

    Level Up (A5E) Is there a second chance/pdf storefront for Homebrew and Hacking: Crafting New Heritages and Cultures?

    I let this KS slip by me and was wondering if there's a way for latecomers to access this product. Thanks!
  10. neobolts

    Level Up (A5E) Rules that add schools

    I have not yet played with the online tools. I will give them a try.
  11. neobolts

    Level Up (A5E) Rules that add schools

    I'm a bit thrown by rules that add schools to a caster class. For example, Herald (Inquisitor) has "Add the communication school of magic to your list of herald spells" as a feature. Is there a list of spells by school? I'm currently searching the spell chapter in the pdf for the school name and...
  12. neobolts

    D&D 5E Is Concentration Bugging You?

    Our house rule is to allow multiple concentration spells but each with different targets, which allows most strategic play without cheesing buffing: House Rule - Concentration Spell Variants A caster can maintain as many concentration spells as they want, but each must target a different...
  13. neobolts

    D&D 5E Kate Welch on Leaving WotC

    I'm not sure I agree with the "new user experience" being poor in terms of game design. 5e has been characterized by accessible rules and explosive growth. It relies on word-of-mouth, but no more than any other hobby or sport. I'm guessing she's eluding to concerns about inclusivity and...
  14. neobolts

    WotC New WotC Statement on Orion Black

    Do not go on Twitter unless you want the dumbest hot takes from all corners. I'm used to the bigots (that Morrus rightfully shows the door), but there is also some ridiculous performance outage out there. I'm socially liberal, but some of ideas floated are not helpful or substantive. Don't tell...
  15. neobolts

    Unearthed Arcana New Unearthed Arcana: Psionics!

    We are getting into the concept of 4e "power sources" here. Psoinics is a source akin to arcane or divine. By comparison in 3e, it was a separate book appropriate for settings that used psionics. Psionics being an arcane tradition is every bit as jarring as making druid or cleric an arcane...
  16. neobolts

    Dread Isn't for Everyone

    I ran a modified Dread game over the weekend, where I added a layer of dice rolling. Failed checks resulted in pulls, and number of pulls increased with the number of prior failed checks. This simple addition if ability scores created a mechanical differentiation among the characters and worked...
  17. neobolts

    Sketch #1: Polearm Shop

    A morningstar in a polearm shop? Surely you are pulling my leg, sir.
  18. neobolts

    Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

    Here's how I'm houseruling the missing info. Weapons and Order of the Beef skills apply strength to attack rolls unless specified otherwise. Order of the Chicken and Order of the Sides skills apply arcana to attack rolls unless specified otherwise. Graceful type weapons and the Order of the...
  19. neobolts

    Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

    Ok, I'm trying to prep this to run tomorrow and there's some holes. The Strength and Grace stats alude to modifying attacks, but the attack rule doesn't mention modifiers. Arcana is for caster attacks perhaps, but it is unclear what is or isn't a spell. The Graceful weapon property has no...
  20. neobolts

    Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    I am currently in a 5e game and will be adding a pf2 game. The two systems specifically appeal to the two sets of players in terms of complexity, mechanics choices, and combat structure. I expect 5e to continue be my main system, as I gravitate towards less rules heavy systems.