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    Worlds of Design: “All About Me” RPGs (Part 2)

    Wacky ideas are based on comedy. You like a serious game.They want to play a Looney Tunes version of D&D (or Adventure Time). That’s all that is. Just don’t play comedy D&D. You don’t have to look at anything but your style of D&D as inferior. It just ain’t for you. Yes, you should warn...
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    Worlds of Design: “All About Me” RPGs (Part 1)

    I’ve been RP gaming 30+ years and I find your categorizationfar too simplistic and inaccurate. Granted I’ve been doing mostly PBP the lastseveral years and only recently have tried some live events again so my observationsof “younger” players is limited. But still I do have some experience. I...
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    Your favourite world narrative / mythology twists

    I’ve mostly been a player for the past 30 yrs so asI get back into D&D and 5E for the first time I want to run these worlds atsome point. I’M ONLY HUMAN… ISH There are only human societies. All demihumans areactually the product of some kind of supernatural interaction whether it ismagical...
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    D&D 5E [POLL] What drives your inspiration behind char gen?

    I'm definitely centered around thematic. Part of an idea can be stolen from media but I never just try and build Batman or Aragorn or whatever. I try and get mechanics to gel with theme, but it doesn't always work and theme takes primacy. I also consider myself pretty flexible so I often...
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    D&D General Welcome Thread

    Hey, I'm Nick. Just joined, obviously. Been playing off/on for 30 years, many systems. I'm trying to get back in it and bringing my wife with (although not here, just to live games). Starting with D&D 5E because my wife is a newb and it is pretty good to ease her in to how this stuff works...