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    Tannhauser / Cyber-ish minis?

    Hmm, there seems to be some here: Some advice from someone who's gone and purchased a large set of pre painted plastic miniatures: Or, you could always go...
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    Ideas for Players as Corporations

    Well, now I'm addicted to Nation States ^_^ & Remus, I'll have a look at it - Seems interesting!
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    Ideas for Players as Corporations

    Oh, and if anyone's interested interested, here's the background for the setting (With images!) Cyberpunk: The 2012 Overture: Welcome.
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    Ideas for Players as Corporations

    Thanks Storm, those are some really nice plot seeds! I agree with you that it would be very difficult to get the corporations to work together. I agree so strongly with that point, that I'm running the corporate games as solo affairs. That way, each of the corporations in the game will be free...
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    XP for goals only

    I like it. Fantastic idea.
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    Ideas for Players as Corporations

    I'm putting together a cyberpunk game at the moment. Players are, for the most part, playing fictional versions of themselves. However, I've had a couple of players express interest in playing corporations within the world. Not CEO's or executives; actual corporate entities. I've worked out a...
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    D&D 5E The Physical D&D Next Books

    My one big hope with the physical books of the next edition is that they return to the 3e-era of cover art. I recently went over to the house of a friend who has an extensive library of 3e/3.5 books (mostly core, Ebberon & Forgotten Realms), and they look fantastic sitting on his shelf. The old...
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    Pathfinder Review: Bestiary 3

    Managed to find an image of a dire corgi Corgi, dire by *butterfrog on deviantART Anyone willing to have a shot at a statblock?
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    Alignment Issues!

    It seems that I'm in agreement of the general consensus of this thread: Utilizing the 9-grid, while adding unaligned as an option. Though, keeping with 5e's (hopefully) plugin nature, having a page or two that describes different possible alignment systems would be awesome. P.S. Foolish Mortal...
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    Pathfinder Review: Bestiary 3

    For one glorious moment, my brain read 'dire corby' as 'dire corgi'. Oh well, we can still live in hope. *Retreats to dreams of the queen going to war with her pack of dire corgis*.
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    How important is multi-classing, and why?

    In my books, multi-classing is simply one possible answer to a conundrum. That conundrum is customization. many players don't simply want to portray broad archetypes; they want the power to portray their character, exactly how they see them to be.
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    D&D 5E What can D&D [next] learn from other games?

    We all know the score. Whatever your personal preference is, the core demographic of D&D fractured into separate user bases with the release of 4th edition. Some chose to stay with 3e/3.5 Some made the easy migration to Pathfinder. Some found that they loved 4e, and dove into it with gusto...