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  1. edhel

    RPG Evolution: Bad Vibes in Barbieland

    Where is my Malibu Dream Dungeon, the Barbie x D&D adventure?
  2. edhel

    RPG Evolution - D&D Tactics: Fortnite

    This is basically the OSR rpg Knave.
  3. edhel

    What RPG should I purchase Next?

    Savage Worlds (lots of settings to choose from or you can make your own), Fiasco, Runequest 6 / Mythras, Patrol
  4. edhel

    Looking for solo & 2-player tabletop recommendations

    Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is a tough-as-nails cooperative survival game. You can easily play it solo.
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    D&D 5E OK, 5e is a little broken sometimes.

    Destructive Wrath (the lvl 2 Channel Divinity power) gives you max damage when you roll either lightning or thunder damage, and you get both the Thunderwave spell and the Wrath of the Storm ability at lvl 1. Clerics can heal both with Cure (a standard action) and Healing Word (a bonus action)...
  6. edhel

    Using flip mats , prepared battle mats etc

    The only prepared maps I use regularly are Inked Adventures Geomorphs. The old D&D miniatures maps are great for the climatic battles you have prepped. Otherwise I use a mixture of TotM, whiteboard, 3d terrain etc. If you prepare your dungeons beforehand, you could try drawing it room by room...
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    Any tips/tricks for a new D&D DM?

    Lots of good advice here: I disagree with Critical Role being a good model for GMing - it's more aimed to entertain the audience.
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    Is the Pathfinder Core Rulebook Too Big For You? Check Out These Pocket Editions!

    How so? 4E essentials were paperbacks, weren't they? Chris Perkins, IIRC, also talked about paperback versions of 5e with no graphics way way back.
  9. edhel

    D&D 5E Need advice: Making Religions, Not Just "Here's The Gods. Pick One"

    Some ideas and questions on how I've done religion in my low-magic sword & sorcery version of Pathfinder's world Golarion: 1) Is the god as it is presented in the book necessary and interesting? If not, discard or change it. 2) What kind of social role does the religion have? E.g. in my...
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    Critical Hits, Fails, & Luck: New Card Accessories for D&D 5E

    If it bothers you, you could rule that you (or a group of monsters) can crit/fumble only once per round, or only your main weapon can crit, or nameless mooks can't crit. In my 5e game I use Paizo's crit deck and we apply it for both sides equally since my players think it's fun. My house rules...
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    D&D 5E Actors Having a Tough Time Roleplaying

    Fiasco is my go-to for introducing players to improvisation. It offers good structure, and shows how fun and cooperative storytelling and roleplaying can be. I personally haven't found any use in writing backgrounds longer than a couple of sentences. FATE style aspects or Burning Wheel like...
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    Check Out This Beefed-Up CR17 Strahd!

    Frankly, it seems rather boring.
  13. edhel

    Monte Cook On Fumble Mechanics

    My house rule for 5e fumbles: - You always lose consecutive attacks after the natural 1 - You get inspiration if you choose to fumble - if you do, draw a card from the fumble deck
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    D&D 5E Strength is agile

    Strength in swordsmanship Skill outmatches size or strength in armed combat ^ The same applies to feats of strength like powerlifting, weightlifting, parkour, gymnastics etc. As a person who strength trains, strength is a skill. Training it improves your capacity to use it, but learning to...
  15. edhel

    Dungeon Scout Hirelings?

    You could take the abstract Apocalypse/Dungeon World route: have a couple of stats for the scouts, like competence and loyalty (which could be a resource), and roll 2d6 + the stat. 10+ is success, 7-9 there's a complication (roll on a table?), and 6- is a failure (the scout got injured...
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    Check Out Chris Perkins' Handrawn Map Sketches For CURSE OF STRAHD

    Cool - but I'd draw the landscape view in the same scale as the map. Here's an example from B10 Night's Dark Terror:
  17. edhel

    Jason Thompson Walks Us Through VAULT OF THE DROW With A New Poster

    There's at least one you missed: - Jason Thompson's walkthrough for The God that Crawls, an adventure for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess tabletop RPG.
  18. edhel

    D&D 5E using the research downtime activity

    I use knowledge points (re: GUMSHOE) in my campaign so downtime research was an easy fit. For every 5 you get from your roll, you get one knowledge point you can use to 'know' a thing. The points can be free-floating, generic like the skills (arcana, history, nature, etc.), or specific (dwarves...
  19. edhel

    D&D 5E Can my table focus on making things fun instead of optimizing?

    People learn bad habits and wrong expectations from both rpgs and computer games. One way to address this is to switch games even for a while. Fiasco is - in my humble opinion - one of the best ways to teach people to improvise and show how much fun it can be. You could also play any rpg that...
  20. edhel

    D&D 5E Convince me to Spend the Money

    This comparison never makes sense. Paizo took a 10 yo game that another company had designed and produced, and sold it under a different name. WOTC designed a new edition, rethought the mechanics, the brand, and had a huge playtest - and even then you get the basic rules for free.