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    Everybody Cheats?

    No. Actually read every post up to my comment. But feel free to continue your own sanctimony and assumptions.
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    Congratulations to 2018's ENnie Award Winners!

    I see the coffeehouse clickfarm sessions really paid off in gold...
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    A Mixed Bag Of Horror And Delight In The Fall Of Delta Green

    I've been reading and playing DG since the TUO article way back when. After all this time and so many published books, Fall is the only one that leaves me ... disappointed. Gumshoe, admittedly, is not a system i find useful, but moreso, I find the system hinders the mood and atmosphere of DG...
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    Everybody Cheats?

    The "everybody cheats" contingency sounds far more verbally rationalizing their own actions than the belief that others cheat. Feeling the need to cheat displays an incredible lack of imagination or desire to actually play a role. If known and allowed, it shows the gamemaster places more value...
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    D&D General Welcome Thread

    After a change of computer, I discovered I'd lost access to my profile of many years... Here's to another beginning!