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    D&D General Should NPCs be built using the same rules as PCs?

    Another thread that was brought up several times in the part. I think they should be made like monsters and not PCs. They can have whatever the DM needs them to have. If you need the bartender to be able to cast fireball 1/day, then fine. You can make up any reason you need. I also tend to...
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    Systems That Model The World Rather Than The Story

    I would add that a lot of people like specific worlds such as Dark Sun or Planescape for their constraints and how that world differs from FR or Greyhawk. I have not played new Dark Sun, but recall old Dark Sun was more about survival over getting rich and famous. The goal was to get a steel...
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    D&D 5E D&D 5E’s Top-Selling Adventures and What It Means for the Hobby from Teos Abadia aka Alphastream.

    The breakdown on that site seems to be about what we talked about as far as being the best adventures and also how to be a billion dollar brand. I thought this was the biggest takeaway for me. if you can’t tell whether Phandelver and Below or Planescape is the primary adventure for 2023, you...
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    Proliferation of Threads on Same Topic (Martial/Magic, Fighters, etc.)

    I wonder if the real reason is the lack of non + threads for the topic of caster vs. marshal divide. Or, maybe people have different tangents of one thread and someone comes along and tells them that "This is a + thread and stay on topic. Start your own thread of you want to talk about that."
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    Spelljammer What kind of steed does a giff paladin "Find"?

    I though everything weighed nothing in outer space.
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    D&D General (+) Let's give good things to Fighters

    I mean, there is a lot of just buffs to give fighters, but then rangers, rogues, and paladins will want something- and then mages will need to be bumped to competes again, especially if one implements the half spell damage I suggested in the other thread. Fighters could have the cleave...
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    D&D General (+) Mundane fixes to the caster martial divide

    I could see just cutting spell damage in half for casters. This will make them focus of other spells and rituals. Your 4d6 fireball would still do something and kill a bunch of goblins, but not giants. Yes, the mage will still have all sorts of spells that fly and open locks and such, but...
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    D&D 5E Slow Natural Healing: is it the best official rule for both Wilderness and Dungeon campaigns?

    My understanding of slow, natural rest is that you do not automatically gain all your HP and you just gain half your Hit Dice. I think you also would have the other benefits of a long rest in the form of spells and abilities. You just start the day spending your half Hit Dice to gain whatever...
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    At what point does a thread become necro?

    Depends. If the topic is still valid or being asked again like certain classes being overpowered and you want to like the new thread to one we had last year and the year before that. There might be a new playtest that comes out so the thread is 'new' again. I find that a lot of old threats...
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    RPG Holidays Part Three – Additional RPG Holidays?

    June would likely be best since you get to capture sales opposite of Christmas. And it would keep the kids inside instead of walking the streets getting exercise.
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    The Art and Science of Worldbuilding For Gameplay [+]

    I tend to just keep them on the computer until I need them for another adventure. I can remember enough of the stuff I made so that if something happens I can wing it until I prep for the next game. The example I gave earlier about the giants, I would not go back and make notes about King...
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    D&D 5E Slow Natural Healing: is it the best official rule for both Wilderness and Dungeon campaigns?

    I can see there being two different mechanics for rest. You are traveling and do not get the best sleep and comfort so you cannot regain all your stuff. But, adventuring in a dungeon is more dangerous than on the side of a road so it should be more problematic not less. Is part of this why...
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    The link bring you to a paywall but I found this and remembered he was not Magneto, he was the Singing Detective.
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    The Art and Science of Worldbuilding For Gameplay [+]

    Most everything I spend time developing is tied to the current campaign I'm running so that is campaign notes. It seems that the next campaign can use the same information so that it is also world building. For example, last campaign used the Against the Giants adventure and I placed it near...
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    RPG Holidays Part Three – Additional RPG Holidays?

    I get it, but bringing everything to one day and celebrate National RPG Day would bring a lot more attention and drive to continue it forward and make it something people hear and know about. Likely promote the whole hobby and drive more players.
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    Do You Play Subsequent Campaigns In The Same World

    For all of 5e days I have run several campaigns in the greater Phandalin region. A few follow each other and built upon the last one such as the town has been redrawn to increase in size with a gold boom and new NPCs are encountered and the old ones still come up. My son seem to hate Harbin...
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    The Hit Dices (Hit Points) used in classes don't make sense.

    Then we can make all weapons deal 1d6 damage as well too.
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    The Hit Dices (Hit Points) used in classes don't make sense.

    I think some of this is remnants of old editions where certain classes needed a stat or multiple stats to be a certain level. It acted as a bit of gatekeeping to access the class. There is also something to non-HP benefits of the class. Some benefit from being able to cast spells and swing a...
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    D&D 5E House rule: Extra Attacks for martials at 5,11,17

    Might depend on the cantrip or is I can cast different ones over the same one 2,3, or 4 times. At 5th level a fighter gets 2 attacks and might have +8 to hit and deal 1d10+6 damage. A caster will get about the same but not the bonus to damage. Is that bonus damage the same worth as all the...