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    Is 3.5 experience a sales renaissance?

    I'm about to kick off a 3e campaign, and just started playing in one too. So I'm grabbing some good deals from Amazon and Noble Knight Games. Picking up various new and unused 3e hardbacks for under $7.... well it keeps me in a surplus of gaming material and my wife happy. :p
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    Anagram names

    Heh... I think this shows what monster types the developers need to concentrate on. Mike Mearls = Slime Maker (all hail the slimes) Rich Baker = Rib Hacker (goblinoids) Chris Perkins = Shin Prickers (the shorties) Chris Thomasson = Harmonics Hosts, Masochist Horns (angles and devils)
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    D&D 4E How do you feel about 4E right *now*? (week of 1/21/08)

    Almost exactly as the good Brother said, though I include something about increasing the number of non-combat spells available.
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    Game vs Game System

    Five of the six people in my group for starters. Though if they present a pure vancian caster option in either the PHB or DMG we'd probly switch too - if they delay it for the second PHB or DMG or later we'll have already said our goodbyes and switched systems.
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    FR Update at WotC-Year of the Ageless One

    Nice article and overview of the coming changes to the Realms.... But it definitely reinforces my impression that the 4e Realms do not appear to be for me. I'll just stick with my 1e, 2e, and 3e Realms (sans the Time of Troubles of course).
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    D&D 4E Richard Baker talks Magic in the 4E Realms

    Oh I know - I was just ranting about the same deities that were involved in the last edition change are the same ones that are involved this time around. The soap opera of the gods in GHotR makes me either want to puke or yawn - basically I think this is where I hop off the 3e FR express and...
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    D&D 4E Richard Baker talks Magic in the 4E Realms

    Couldn't they find something original to do this time? Why the hell is it always Mystryl/Mystra that bites the dust? Why is Helm involved again in an edition change? Why couldn't Lathander be the one responsible this time around - maybe something similar to when he invoked the Dawn...
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    Dragonborn - will you ban them?

    In the unlikely event that we actually do migrate to 4e - Dragonborn are definately on the list to get hit with the banstick, they'll get replaced by the Muls from Darksun (after all if we have half-elves and half-orcs, why not half-dwarves too). Oh, and the <bleeping> planetouched (aasimar...
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    Do you like stats with your fiction?

    Write first, then present the character in stats at multiple levels would be my choice. Like how WotC presented the 5/10/15 character builds for Fight Club (or whatever that article series is called).
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    What Drowbane said... And Wikipedia says too ;) IME Whenever it is mentioned in a negative way, someone is usually trying to describe one of the above.
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    Not saying they are - but the mollycodling can extend to far. I wholeheartedly agree with protecting children from exploitation and abuse.
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    Not to be snide - but when schools ban teachers from using red ink because its "stressful", DIY Chemistry Sets are neutered or outlawed, and model rockets require background and licensing checks... children are being molylcoddled in the wrong way.
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    Any 2e?

    We still play our 1e/2e/Basic campaign once a month [sometimes even twice, if our SR4/FRCS 3.0 hybrid game gets cancelled] with no end in sight. 12 Years... 5 Players... 20 Characters (that are still alive at least)... 4 Different Parties... The characters in our highest party are just now...
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    It might not prevent it, but it minimalizes it. Which is the reason I said that having my house completely wired for video and sound makes me safer - notice I didn't say completely safe? [Qoute]And based on what I've lived through and witnessed, I find that making blanket judgements does...
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    Because that experience made me freakin paranoid. While slander and a ruined reputation can be serious things .... POSSIBLE CRIMINAL CHARGES, JAIL TIME, AND BEING LISTED IN THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY are on a whole different level of seriousness. Not to mention the cost involved in fighting...
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    :confused: Where the #$^#$% did I say that all women are like that? The only reason we excluded women from our gaming group was to limit our exposure false allegations and blackmail in this "he said, she said" society of ours. When allegations of rape and abuse often devolve into nothing more...
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    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    After past bad experiences of our entire gaming group being blackmailed by one of our members ex-girlfriends, we didn't invite any women to participate in our gaming group for a couple of years. (Long story short - they broke up and she wanted him out of the group and tried to blackmail us into...
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    Favorite 3.5 book

    I'm with Vaodam on this one, but for a different reason. Generic Classes. Expert, Warrior, Spellcaster goodness - allows me to dump the some classes I've never liked [cleric and bard], combine arcane and divine magic (just flavoring it differently for a priest and wizard), and customize each...
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    Wizards Presents: Inside the making of 4th edition, plus new art

    I know they aren't going to be repeated in the PHB (thank god). To me it sounds like they're pulling stuff off cutting room floor and selling it.