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  1. bouncyhead

    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2022

    In the TALK category I’d like to nominate The DM’s Book Club. Fiona & Hamilton read DnD books and discuss how they can enrich their games.
  2. bouncyhead

    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2022

    I would like to nominate Dice & Desire in the ACTUAL PLAY category. Great DM-img from Nate and a really entertaining, well-balanced group of players who make me laugh out loud!
  3. bouncyhead

    Vote For Your Favourite ACTUAL PLAY Tabletop RPG Podcasts

    The Billowing Hilltop have been playing since 1979 but still get the rules wrong. Yet somehow it’s great!
  4. bouncyhead

    D&D 5E Which Pathfinder APs have been converted to 5e?

    Exactly my experience. Running for a party of 8 with 7 players. It does make conversion a little trickier when the CRs don't match in any case! I added an encounter with a troop of Karzoug controlled orcs and ogres on the Storval Plateau - an opportunity for everyone to get familiar with the new...
  5. bouncyhead

    D&D 5E Which Pathfinder APs have been converted to 5e?

    I've just run Sins of the Saviors in 5e (have been running RotR hitherto in PF). I didn't do a formal conversion (so sorry, not notes!). I did a lot of reading ahead to make sure I was familiar but mostly converted on the fly. This was the first 5e we had played so the whole group was feeling...
  6. bouncyhead

    D&D 5E D&D Next will succeed or die on the basis of its digital apps.

    I think the Herolab character sheet/manager for iPad is in for app store approval in March. Initially for Pathfinder but I think the plan is to roll out to other currently supported systems (e.g. d20, M&M etc.). It will work as a client to the main Herolab software - that is you will have to...
  7. bouncyhead

    Olympics: Who is watching?

    London's great at the moment! Loads of atmosphere but none of the promised grimness.
  8. bouncyhead


    For my current campaign, the setting has no teleport or dimension door spell, with the knowledge lost in the mists of time. There are static gates and discovering their locations is a major plot-point, since certain dungeon areas are only accessible through them. These areas have been sealed for...
  9. bouncyhead

    Automatic success for every class

    Agreed. Consider the example of a man-o-war with a hundred sailors clambering around the rigging. Give them a 15 climb skill. Most of the time they can zip, climb and gibbon their way around the rigging without risk. They can take 10 on any check with DC 25 or lower. Raise the DC to 26 and...
  10. bouncyhead

    The army behind the army

    Also... this looks relevant but eye-spinningly expensive! Logistics of Warfare in the Age of the Crusades: John H. Pryor: Books
  11. bouncyhead

    The army behind the army

    I've heard decent things about this: European Warfare, 1350-1750: Frank Tallett, D. J. B. Trim: Books
  12. bouncyhead

    So, Attacks of Oppportunity?

    It's a beer & pretzels game (well, beer and crisps), with exploration and combat to the fore. That's what we all enjoy for the most part. The schmucks love their melee as much as anyone, they just don't see the appeal in some of the fiddlier elements of 3.5. I don't think they'd like to be...
  13. bouncyhead

    So, Attacks of Oppportunity?

    Yup -3x/PF are particularly fiddly. We played 4E for a while and I liked the simplified OAs. I understand that the PF Beginner Box has no AOO/OA rule, just some straightforward strictures on in-melee shooting and the like. We've tried a couple of home-spun variants in our games but it's quite...
  14. bouncyhead

    So, Attacks of Oppportunity?

    I think it really depends on the mind-set of the players. I can see how damage from AOOs can shorten a combat. Our group, however, tends to have two types of players: A. Tactical Gonks, who understand the AOO rules intuitively and can make quick judgements re tactical advantage gained v...
  15. bouncyhead

    D&D 5E The cover of the 5E PHB: What I'd like to see

    Adventurers running for their very lives from a horde of slavering nasties. The wizard has a hand clamped over his hat to stop it falling off.
  16. bouncyhead

    Quick question: does the prohibition on online play affect your playtest?

    Our group play pretty much exclusively online through d20 pro so yup (though I fail to see how this is enforceable). We therefore won't be participating. A shame. Pretty much the only way our group would be prised away from Pathfinder would be for this playtest to whet our appetites. Some of...
  17. bouncyhead

    Save or suck Medusa petrification

    I suspect both the creature and the mechanic are there as playtest bait.
  18. bouncyhead

    The playtest has begun

    Piratecat's link is a bit hit and miss, but after a few tries I'm in! Merry Testmas everyone!
  19. bouncyhead

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Lite: New Tablet Optimized PDFs

    What I would really like would be a single, inter-linked entity with everything from core + APG etc.. Would be great to have something that works a little like PFR but with Paizo production values and artwork.
  20. bouncyhead

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Lite: New Tablet Optimized PDFs

    Ignore me. Just downloaded the core book. Like lightning in goodreader, well intra-linked, great to have the artwork. Another advantage of goodreader is the crop function. Remove the page margins for greater text area and easier reading.