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  1. Clint_L

    D&D 5E I made a Revised Fighter to fix the martial/caster gap - Feedback?

    So…what do barbarians get? What do rogues get for having much lower survivability? Or sorcerers? If balance doesn’t matter, then there isn’t much to discuss. Everyone who has a favourite class can just make threads about their power fantasies, I guess, but it doesn’t seem super relevant to...
  2. Clint_L

    D&D 5E I made a Revised Fighter to fix the martial/caster gap - Feedback?

    They already do the most damage. If you give them even more, you have to buff everyone, or balance goes out the window. And then you have to buff the monsters, too. I just don't think more damage is the answer (though that said, all martial classes are getting a significant damage boost through...
  3. Clint_L

    D&D 5E WotC Sept 2023 player survey is live.

    I spend a ton on D&D...but very little of it goes to WotC. Miniatures and terrain are about 90% of my overall outlay, so Dwarven Forge, Reaper, Archon, Wizkids, and their ilk get most of my cash. I suspect this is one of the motivators behind the VTT - to try to get folks like me to send some of...
  4. Clint_L

    D&D General BG1&2 players, who were your constant companions?

    Imoen was the only constant - she always cheered me up. "Heya!" Plus, I have two sisters - felt natural going into battle with at least one sister at my side.
  5. Clint_L

    D&D 5E I made a Revised Fighter to fix the martial/caster gap - Feedback?

    Nobody is casting wish at level 2, and fighters scale better at DPR than any other class - they are the hardest hitting class in the game at level 20 (and pretty great at level 2, for that matter). Lack of damage dealing is not a fighter problem, and if you buff it, then what do you do with...
  6. Clint_L

    D&D 5E Slow Natural Healing: is it the best official rule for both Wilderness and Dungeon campaigns?

    True to a point...but the evidence over time is that most players and DMs prefer not to faff about with ultra slow healing and as early as 1e we found ways around it (as pointed out above, at first this mostly amounted to making sure that your party had a cleric, or maybe an extra one or two as...
  7. Clint_L

    D&D 5E Replacement art is up for Bigby's AI art on D&D Beyond!

    I’m using the term AI as it is commonly used in computer sciences; you will find that it is regular usage. That might not fit your personal definition of intelligence; you may be interested to know that there is no universally agreed upon definition, regardless of what your video tells you. If...
  8. Clint_L

    D&D 5E I made a Revised Fighter to fix the martial/caster gap - Feedback?

    Of all the things to buff on fighters, why number of attacks and DPR? They are already amazing at those. Wouldnt improving their utility make more sense, for the sake of balance? Also, do we need every other thread to be about buffing fighters? Can’t these be combined?
  9. Clint_L

    D&D General (+) Let's give good things to Fighters

    Ok how many threads do we need on the same topic?
  10. Clint_L

    D&D General (+) Mundane fixes to the caster martial divide

    There is currently another very active thread on the supposed “divide.” Which is also largely focused on 4e. Could they not be merged?
  11. Clint_L

    Star Wars Ahsoka - SPOILERS

  12. Clint_L

    Bill Willingham releases Fables into the public domain.

    Love for a lawyer to weight in - this seems like a pretty interesting case. I suspect DC is (legally) correct, but what do I know?
  13. Clint_L

    The Hit Dices (Hit Points) used in classes don't make sense.

    Not really sure why this is in the OneD&D subforum, but I also don't understand why some full casters should have smaller hit dice than other full casters. Also don't like de facto nerfing the barbarian by buffing the fighter. But I guess every thread has to be at least partially about buffing...
  14. Clint_L

    Fighting the Gray Tide (Miniature Painting)

    Yeah, that's, like, almost all I post these days! BTW, MGibster, you're really rocking the speed paints these days - looks fantastic!
  15. Clint_L

    D&D 5E House rule: Extra Attacks for martials at 5,11,17

    I don't understand the rationale at all. Melee classes, especially fighter and barbarian are already great at delivering on-demand damage - fighter and barbarian are the highest DPR classes in the game, along with paladins. The usual knock against them is that they lack flexibility. Meanwhile...
  16. Clint_L

    D&D General Have you ever had a Gnoll PC?

    I played a gnoll fighter as an NPC helping the party in one of my school campaigns. She was out for revenge against the rival pirates who took out her ship. Memorable character - she had no toes, having lost them fending off sharks before the party pulled her from the water. That campaign is set...
  17. Clint_L

    D&D General The Crab Bucket Fallacy

    In looking over a ton of these lists, here is my impression of the average consensus among them. This is anecdotal! Also, it is not my personal ranking. S: Paladin - at or near the top of more lists than any other class. A: Wizard, Fighter, Bard, Warlock, Cleric - all of these are usually in...
  18. Clint_L

    D&D General The Crab Bucket Fallacy

    This whole thread is built on the premise that martial classes are inferior to spell casting classes, and specifically that fighters are inferior to wizards. While some folks feel this way, this is not a widespread perspective. Consider the following rankings (I just grabbed from the first ones...
  19. Clint_L

    Does the concept of subspecies of Elves come across as racist to you

    I appreciate the tip but have more than two decades teaching creative writing and I have yet to encounter any writer or writing guide that uses or would view "alignment" as a useful way to start building a character. The problem with words like "chaotic evil" is that they don't really mean...
  20. Clint_L

    Strike Ending & Amazon Antitrust - Streaming Services: Power Rankings, FALL 2023

    Sure...but most of their content ranges from C to B-. Hard to call them the GOAT when they haven't produced much stellar content, compared to an HBO, Prime, or Netflix. Their catalogue has some great stuff, but pales in comparison to Netflix. For me, the "A" content made for D+ is Andor...