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    D&D 5E You can't necessarily go back

    I'm once again struck by how immensely conservative, in the non-political sense, a lot of D&D players are. We are all too ready to dismiss new things out of hand, or deny even the possibility that entire fields of creative endeavor (like video game industry) could have something to offer...
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    Save or suck Medusa petrification

    There are very good reasons why 4e ditched one-roll save-or-suck effects almost completely. None of those reasons have gone away. This is a step in the wrong direction.
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    The Playtest Fighter

    The problem is that it's not merely a simple fighter, it's a boring fighter.
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    D&D 5E I hope this isn't 5E...(art that screams "not this, not this!")

    My thoughts exactly. Tieflings and Aasimar as a mish-mash of planar traits and features slapped on a human base suited Planescape (even though in practice things were as you said: practically every Tiefling PC I ever saw looked like a human with small horns, devil tail optional), but the 4e...
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    D&D 5E How Should Dragons Be Handled In 5e

    I want my dragons dangerous, atmospheric and easy to run - in other words, pretty much the way they are in Monster Vault and other late-4e stuff.
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    Make Race Matter

    Yup, these are nice ideas. The trick lies in making the "different, not better or worse" to actually work that way, and requires a lot of attention to the game balance and maths on behalf of the designers.
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    Something Awful leak.

    I hope this leak is a huge, cunning troll. If not, I hope against hope that the end result won't much resemble the 1.0 playtest version. Because if this is indicative of the design philosophy and goals behind the D&DN; if "casters rule, fighters drool" makes a come-back; if clarity and...
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    D&D 5E So why are you buying 5th edition?

    At this point, I don't know anywhere near enough to be able to decide whether or not I will buy 5e. Ask again in a year, when we're hopefully better informed and some of the pointless speculation has died down.
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    Crazy thought 'bout Fighters, Wizards, and progressions

    Or Orlando and Rodomonte from the knightly romances.
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    Monster Manual: What details?

    They really are terrific. If the MM1 had been as good, I bet 4e would be a lot more popular.
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    D&D 5E "5E is of no interest to me" - really? Already?

    RPGs are dirt cheap as far as hobbies go, really. The real issue is that they tend to require lots of time and commitment, and free time available for playing is the most precious resource a lot of us adult D&D players have.
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    D&D 5E "5E is of no interest to me" - really? Already?

    There are also plenty of people like myself, who really liked 4e overall, and are now disappointed that the WotC seems to be backpedaling on numerous things we considered major improvements, especially over the problems of 3e.
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    Tiefling and half-orc should not be in the PHB

    As a big Tolkien fan, and someone who's played D&D in various forms for twenty-plus years (he said, smoothly establishing his geek credentials), I absolutely want tieflings and dragonborn both in 5e. Why? For one reason, they are both quite popular; people have loved tieflings since they...
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    Monster Manual: What details?

    People who complain about 4e MM should check out the Essentials Monster Vault, and Threats of Nentir Vale. Great books, with mechanically solid and interesting monster designs, great artwork, and tons of interesting fluff, adventure hooks and other lore. For example, the Manticore entry...
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    A bit tired of people knocking videogames...

    Good God, are people still hashing out these done-to-death-raised-as-undead-and-killed-again pseudo-arguments?
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    It's Dark Sun

    Has there ever been much reason to worry about WotC "kitchen-sinking" 4e elements into every setting? Both FR and Eberron are and were kitchen-sinks to begin with (although in different ways), after all. And yes, that cover is awesome. I hope they can keep the quality for the rest of the artwork!
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    Absolutely vital core races in D&D

    I'd say humans are the only essential race, both because we're all humans, and because although there is plenty of fantasy without non-human races, settings without humans are very rare indeed.
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    Forked Thread: Describing a setting in 12 bullet points - Spelljammer

    I'd like a Spelljammer setting, too, but I definitely don't want a) easily portable helms, and b) helms draining spells/whatever from a party member.
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    Playing Apparent Losers

    Yes, but RPGs are not fiction. Many things which work quite well in fiction (like "loser" characters, major discrepancies in skill and usefulness between characters, splitting the party) are much more problematic in the context of a RPG session / campaign.
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    Overshadowed by Elminster?

    So - based on the answers so far, it looks like this is a problem, though not necessarily on the level of "ordinary" DMPCs. And it appears that TSR itself did its share of pushing this on the players, with some Dragonlance adventures, and the Time of Troubles modules. (Frankly, I don't think...