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  1. MadPuppy

    Hollywood's creativity problem and a (ranty) stroll through endless remakes...

    Nice thread as an avid Sci-fi and Fantasy movie watcher I have some opinions..... 1. the preponderance of big save the world story lines is tired and uninteresting anymore What I mean here is that fantasy in particular is usually save the world from big bad evil guy trying to bring about the...
  2. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Phantom Rogue

    I'm starting a phantom rogue for an existing campaign......I really like the flavor of this can be played as a Assassin's creed type of character.....I've chosen to go with a Flavored character that works for a necromancer "master" as his "hand". I chose the following: Variant Human...
  3. MadPuppy

    'One D&D' Takes 5E to New & Digital Places

    Not sure I agree with the "animal races" being popular....Was reading the spelljamer book recently....Space hamsters and Flying monkeys? What next Ozspace?!
  4. MadPuppy

    Critical Role The Legend of Vox Machina: Bawdy, Bloody, and Funny

    meh...I agree with the dissenting opinions far to sophomoric and juvenile humor for my liking. Poor writing, and the anime style isn't any better than 80's saturday morning cartoon.
  5. MadPuppy

    The Legend of Vox Machina (Spoilers)

    I watched the first episode....not an avid fan or watcher of Critical role either.... Well meh I feel it was overly campy, sophmoric humor. Over drinking and puking (even into anothers mouth), over sexed gnome..... guess I just prefer my fantasy more serious.
  6. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Armor and Weaponry for Rangers, Rogues, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards

    The pop up ads on your page are mega annoying on mobile.
  7. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E How many more characters (full PC rules) have you made than you have played?

    50:1 I enjoy playing with a concept and see if I can make it in D&D. Most are based on fictional characters, game characters, or cartoons. I’ve designed sub-zero, scorpion and reptile from MK, a Witchblade, Jeckyll Hyde, a predator, and a spartan warrior. however those are more thought...
  8. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E What single new class would you like to see?

    Still laughing about the Awesome Katana.... But back to topic: I'm looking for a Tinkerer/Artificer/Inventor class Perhaps expand on the Gnome tinker abilities. Building useful items with a limited lifespan, always making new stuff from the refuse of the old. I think there was a comment about...
  9. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Build Advice - Arcane Trickster/Warlock?

    I like this build and have a current Arcane Trickster Level 3, that is about to level up. I intend to go Warlock (fey). As the charm type effects fit nicely. Leaning towards tomelock as I advance. I like the idea of a lot of cantrips. The Warlock stuff I intend to use the attack spells...
  10. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Multiclass: Warlock / Bard - thoughts?

    I like this style of build. I have one you all might like. This was posted in another thread but thought it wa worth adding here: Mountain Dwarf Valorous Bard/Warlock (Blade) [Though Lore Bard could work very well also] I call him the hammer singer! I named him Ollum Hammersong Collect history...
  11. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Spotcheck - 10th Level - What's the coolest Character Race/Class Combo (and why?)

    I'm not 10th level (that would be awesome) But here is the early levels.... Dwarf Valorous Bard/Warlock (Blade) I call him the hammer singer! I named him Ollum Hammersong Collect history books of famous Dwarf Heroes (This is how he ended up making a pact with a very old Dwarf who resides in the...
  12. MadPuppy

    D&D 5E Punching up Way of the Four Elements monk?

    I recently came across a "sub-Zero" build based on this Monk of the 4 elements with a pinch of Sorcerer. It is a MAD build but looks fun to me. What do you all think?
  13. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    Really loving the amount of attention to this thread, I think it shows there is definitely an audience for the movie. There is also a large range of opinions and fear of a disaster like the last ones.... I see the competing basics: 1. Modern day people thrust into the fantasy world 2. Tolkien...
  14. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    For those pushing for the old cartoon idea or other Real world kids thrust into the fantasy world. Just say NO. D&D is a game yes but it isn't Larping. Thrusting modern day people into the Fantasy setting is Larping. D&D is story telling after all, every one of you comes up with a character...
  15. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    Completely agree, I was just being transparent. While thee are Campy movies that I really liked. For this project I don't advocate that way to go. I failed to mention the sinbad movies I liked them too. I just know that I'm tired of "save the world" fantasy. It for one doesn't lend itself to...
  16. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    The Biggest thing I don't want is to fall into the "Tolkien Trap". This is the World saving plot from the Evil bad guy bent on destroying everything.... we need a smaller more interesting story. something that doesn't have the world in the balance. My favorite Fantasy films are: Dragon slayer...
  17. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    Nope I second this
  18. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    YUK, just yuk. This sounds like a movie that doesn't take itself seriously...... Not a fan of this type of way to go, too much humor.....
  19. MadPuppy

    D&D Movie/TV What would a good D&D movie be like?

    I agree 100% with this. I woiuld go even further, change up the genera not so unlike what "Alien" did for SciFi (horror mixed with SciFi). I would find a director like Guy Ritchie and make a fantasy flick in the vein of "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" or "Snatch". Use the Zhentarim as the...