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    Which Social Media Platforms Do You Use?

    Clever Nick, like how you made the vote not anonymous... felt a little invasive.
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    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    You are all in dream land. WotC can't even stop a certain guy from stealing every single piece of 5e content, throwing it up on a website for free and profiting through ads and patreon. "That guy" even put the official electronic version of Monsters of the Multiverse on his website, before its...
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    DCC Level 0 Character Funnel is a Bad Concept

    This made my day, soooo funny. I agree its sounds dumb, but that and a keg of beer sounds hilarious.
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    Another Year of EN World Demographics!

    The other thing I find interest is you have 5M per year on your website. According to alexa enworld is #79,365 in global internet engagement with 1:46 daily time on the site. But take a niche DnD website Foundry (which is not a web product, its client installed), they are #41,255 in global...
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    Another Year of EN World Demographics!

    I trust this a lot more than google
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    How long have you been gaming?

    This is the more accurate breakdown of age groups on the forum, i.e. 88% is over 40.
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    Strange New Worlds trailer

    i don't know any star trek lore to be offended, but the dude looks like he would be a good captain. I thought he was going to be Pike not Kirk, I didn't read the blurbs carefully.
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    RPG Evolution: For Those Who Support Us

    This thread is so confusing with Michael Trescas face and bio inserted into the thread. I'm not sure what the DMSGuild ad is for, but anyway condolences', she sounds like a good egg.
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    The Boys Season 3 Official Teaser Trailer

    I think the trailer gives away too much, but it looks awesome.
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    Anyone else have a hard time adjusting to Str, Dex, Con

    official game accessories tho:
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    Ms Marvel trailer

    At least you provide a great example of everything wrong with politicizing tv/movies today. Just because you didn't like a movie or tv show, doesn't automatically mean you are racist. I have little interest in watching the show, its not for my demographic, but am pleased and proud that marvel...
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    Ukraine invasion

    aww man, I'm so sorry to be the one to break it to you but google doesn't know anyones age or binary gender. This is the old codger forum for people with facebook, if you want 25-35 you got to go to reddit, if you want 18-25 instagram and you want younger its tiktok.
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    Ukraine invasion

    I think its hilarious you would think anyone under 40 years old is using this ancient forum and reading the Ukraine invasion thread, and that they would be offended by a satellite ball. Unless you protecting the queen, in which case I apologize your majesty ;)
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    New Website for Mongoose Publishing

    Huge difference, much nicer lookin
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    Ukraine invasion

    He moved his satellite over Ukraine to provide internet... I think he is already balls deep.
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    Ukraine invasion

    Is WOTC profiting with their usual 20% for those charity items?
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    D&D General What do your gods actually do day to day?

    I'm thinking time for them is like a year = 100 or 1000 years. So yeah while they are stuck in their norse gods outfit, it doesn't seem long at all. In which case they do the usual day to day stuff, which also includes zipping around different worlds, helping move their people chess pieces...