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    Hi there! Welcome back! You're not the only player/char risen from the dead. We've got a resurgence of interest going on over at Unlikely Heroes and you'll fit right in. (Seriously. It's 7 PM EDT on a Tuesday, which ought to be pretty dead, and there's 17 usernames on site right now. )
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    Help? Enworld chat?

    Infernal Scribe is right on both counts: update your flash, and no, EN World isn't working for anyone. You can log in, but then you're stuck in limbo with nowhere to go and nothing to do. For getting flashchat to work, the first thing to try is updating your Adobe Flash player. The latest...
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    If ISRP isn't working...

    It's still not working, sorry. :-( People are playing at Unlikely Heroes but we haven't made an official permanent move there (yet).
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    en world chat?

    We're not sure if ISRP will ever be up at EN World again. We need access to the servers, which they seem reluctant to give us, but otherwise every time they fix or upgrade the main site, the chat system goes down. Meanwhile, play is continuing somewhat at Unlikely Heroes (see sticky for...
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    Need clarification from a moderator

    Classically, a sylph is an air spirit. A quick Google search on "sylph rpg" brings me back to EN World and a query that says the 3E version is in MM2. The forum post is here: Hope that helps.
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    serious ponderings

    Unfortunately right now we aren't in a position to enforce ISRP rules on UH. Are they supposed to apply there? That's also up for discussion. ISRP isn't running at EN World anymore. It used to be that when EN World was down and ISRP moved to UH on a temporary basis, all ISRP rules still...
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    If ISRP isn't working...

    So, EN World is still (forever) not working. Please use Unlikely Heroes: Unlikely Heroes Chat Please also note: despite the pulls of real-life activities on the wizos/magi, ISRP is still considered a moderated site. Even if you don't see anyone "in uniform" on site, you are still encouraged...
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    The end of ISRP chat?

    There's several things coming into play here. (1) The fewer people we have, the less chance to get involved in someone else's story, even if they're willing to let you in (which has also been a problem). (2) EN World has been a kind and generous host. But they do seem to keep moving in a...
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    The end of ISRP chat?

    I have to agree with Nashira, it looks like we're on Unlikely-Heroes for the foreseeable future, but it's not yet a formal change of location and there might still be switches. BTW, on Unlikely-Heroes there isn't the box below chat where you can look up char descriptions. Instead, find the...
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    EN World connections to ISRP

    The good news is that the ISRP chat logins work again. The bad news is that the rooms are all missing. i.e., still working on it. Meanwhile (and copied from "If ISRP Isn't Working"): Originally Posted by Magi_Gabriel If the chat login page breaks try accessing it by: ISRP Chat on EN World...
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    EN World connections to ISRP

    As people have undoubtedly noticed, whenever EN World does stuff to their system setup, ISRP chat goes down. We are trying to get it fixed. Sorry. :-(
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    How to Contact the Magi

    This is a reminder of how to contact the Magi if needed: Emails received at that address are checked daily and/or forwarded immediately to more actively viewed Magi accounts. Response time depends on the query and how much discussion and investigation is needed. Reports of...
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    Interesting suggestion! I'll pass that along, too.
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    Time to Pull it Back

    Last weekend I was on in-uniform. I spent some time afterward observing more quietly. These are two sections: Player1 stalks down the path through the trees on quiet footpads, head slung low and on the hunt. Player2 with the large wolf that stays quite close to her at all times she lays out...
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    Happy Halloween!

    The ShivGolem's menu (in The Cage) has had some seasonally-appropriate changes made, for a limited time. :-) Enjoy! - Trelian
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    Technical issues

    Great news! Glad you're back aboard.
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    Technical issues

    I'll make sure Gabe sees this. But can you say which browser you're using? IE? Firefox? Chrome? and which version? Also, do you use an ad-blocker? My work site, for instance, has finally blocked anything that resides on EN World and a couple of other sites because their system thinks the ads...
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    Seeking help!

    If this is the same storyline as "A site to behold" in the Great Bazaar forum, it's now got a swirling mass of chaos/rain over the Sigil Bazaar. Which is not "another world" but is a needs-to-be-kept-useable-by-everyone chat room setting. On the other hand, there's been little enough going...
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    If ISRP isn't working...

    That's a good idea. Often the problem is that EN World itself is down, so nothing really helps when that's the case: people can't get to the login page, the forum, or anywhere connected to EN World. Not sure what to do about that. BTW, for others seeing this thread, chat is currently working...
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    Seeking help!

    I wouldn't give up on the boards as a way of communicating with people, even if they're not taking advantage of this particular offer. 87 views for the 4 posts that had been here before mine. Even if the same people are viewing each new post to the thread (and yeah, I'm assuming people don't...