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    Dragon Reflections #70

    I reskinned Mechica for my meso American 3.5e campaign and it was great!
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    TSR The Beginning: 1968 and Meeting Gary Gygax and the Gygax Family

    "Larry would soon be gone from this circle. He married a fine woman and moved away and his gaming diminished prior to that move and we saw less and less of him." We call this "being wifed in the back."
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    D&D 5E Undermountain errors

    Added one more error.
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    D&D 5E Undermountain errors

    Added two more errors.
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    D&D 5E Undermountain errors

    Added some more errors.
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    D&D 5E Undermountain errors

    Started going through Undermountain and am noticing errors. SPOILERS GALORE!! Level 1: The map has a room 6e but there is no description of it. Level 1: Room 6a mentions creatures in 6b reacting to noise. There are no creatures in 6b. Perhaps they meant 6d? Level 1: In room 37 near the top...
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    Where Are All the Dungeon Masters?

    I've been "playing" D&D for 44 years and I put the word in quotes because, from 1976 on I have almost exclusively DM'd, except for conventions, when I finally get a chance to play the game. I run a homebrew campaign and essentially design from scratch 99% of the scenarios I run, which I type up...
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    Medium characters grappling large creatures?

    The problem is that the modifier is so small compared to the die being rolled, that the stronger creature's strength doesn't matter that much. Let's compare a Str 19 ogre with a Str 10 peasant. The ogre has a +4, so the peasant will successfully grapple the ogre 30% of the time. Now take a...
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    Spellcasting - why no skill check?

    While not a fan of the idea for D&D, many RPGs do have skill checks for magic. Frex, Runequest 3e had skill rolls for magic, which then often required a power vs power check to affect an enemy. Also, playing a little devil's advocate here, many spells do not require an attack roll or a saving...
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    Sage Advice: Plane and world hopping (includes how Eberron and Ravnica fit in D&D cosmology)

    SPOILERS FOR DDO: You essentially use the gates between the worlds Lolth opened, navigating the Demonweb with Elminster's help (fun adventure tromping along the Demonweb!). Once in Faerun, you are able to traverse back and forth via a planar gate or a magic key.
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    Sage Advice: Plane and world hopping (includes how Eberron and Ravnica fit in D&D cosmology)

    For those who may not know, DDO has formally linked Eberron and Faerun, including a cycle of adventures wherein Lolth makes (and then breaks) a deal with the Lords of Dust. Your DDO PCs can travel between the two worlds once you complete these adventures.
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    FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "It wouldn't be here if we weren't supposed to fight it."

    I started a 1e campaign with the 1st level PCs encountering a demilich (then the most powerful creature in the game). One player assumed I'd never do that and that the demilich was an illusion. Needless to say, she rolled up a new PC that day.
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    The economics of Continual flame

    I've had this issue with the spell since well before 3rd edition. Any spell with a permanent effect needs to be looked at carefully with regard to how it impacts the D&D society. In my homebrew, I did not want every city to have continual light spells at every street corner, every home lit by...
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    D&D 5E Is Dying really hard?

    It makes almost no sense unless the downed PC is perceivably a greater threat than the ones active and attacking. Right? Otherwise, my monsters are just being vindictive pricks who know they are going to die, and my monsters are generally not like that. They presumably have lives and goals...
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    "Run away! Run away!" ... what if they don't?

    More than that. Let's not forget that claw slashes across your chest and bites to your shoulder HURT. A LOT!! D&D sort of glosses over the pain factor (and it should). But let's not forget that these adventurers, even if they do not die, are suffering horrendous amounts of pain. Mind numbing...
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    "Run away! Run away!" ... what if they don't?

    "1: Metagaming. "there is no way the GM would put a monster too strong for us, that wouldn't be balanced. Let's fight!" Here's a story I tell. Back in 1e days I started a campaign. The PCs were 1st level and assigned to retrieve an item from an ancient wizard's tower. They entered the tower...
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    4th level party vs CR5 Catoblepas

    I actually ran an encounter with a catoblepas versus a party of six 4th level PCs recently. It went fine. Yes, the catoblepas' gaze attack is mean, but its range is limited, so the PCs need to merely stay back from it and, frankly, it's an easy encounter. If you figure the creature has no...
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    Remembering Nexus: A Bridge Between History & Adventure

    I was a dedicated SFB player back in the day and always enjoyed Nexus magazine. Go Hydrans!
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    Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?

    And how would these people who are uncomfortable around gay people know they are gay without it involving a PDA? I understand you can know about colleagues and family and the like, but just being in a public place you'd have no idea. So I assumed these Cosmic Kid's hypothetical people would be...
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    Free Making Free 5th Edition Modules

    I'd like to see a sample of your scenario writing before I would consider supporting it.