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    WOIN Polearms

    I was just wondering if there was a general typo with all Polearms? Even the description suggests that they should hit harder than a 1 handed weapon "These weapons provide greater reach to the footman,greater angular momentum than shorter weapons", however they do less damage than almost all 1H...
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    WOIN Armor for Large Creatures

    I went looking through the OLD book and WRRD but I couldn't find anything specific for armor for large characters. Does armor follow the same rules for oversized weapons (2x the weight, 3x the cost)? How does that work with shields? Would a large shield only provide +2 DEF? If you have to...
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    WOIN Shifter style Druid questions

    Hey! I have this player who is interested in building a shifter style character that would want to spend most of their time in some animal form. With Transform Beast they can shapeshift into a 4d6 wolf for the not-so-low cost of 8MP. However, there are some questions that they have, and I am...
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    WOIN Defense Options

    I have a player who likes to have options in melee combat, particularly on the defensive side. From 3.5 and Pathfinder you have options like fighting defensively and full defense, which are intended to allow you to try and be the focus of the enemy and withstand the incoming attacks. I have...
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    WOIN Phasing Attack Vs. Magical SOAK

    If someone casts a Displace Self on themselves to give them a Phasing Attack and then throws a Fire Orb, does it negate the SOAK from a previously cast Abjure Fire? I reread the description for Phasing Attack, and I don't think that it does, but I wanted to be sure. Also, I don't think it...
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    WOIN Human Explorer Conflict

    Hi, I am looking in my PDF (Version 1.1) and for the Human's Explorer trait is says: But the website lists its as: However, I cannot find where it changed. Since characters can already replenish their LUC pool once per day (and often more with exploits) it seems pretty underwhelming. The...
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    WOIN O.L.D. Armor

    I really like that there are different armors listed, but I wonder if not enough has been done to differentiate them from each other and give players reasons to pick certain armors. For example: Brigandine, SOAK 5, Cost 70, Type Light, Defense –0, Weight 25, Ineffective — Ringmail, SOAK 5...
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    WOIN Ghouls / Gravebound (Undead)

    I have just uploaded Ghouls / Gravebound (Undead) to the downloads area. First attempt to try and flesh out some additional monsters for use in a Fantasy setting. You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
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    Ghouls / Gravebound (Undead) 1

    First attempt to try and flesh out some additional monsters for use in a Fantasy setting.
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    WOIN Fantasic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    While we wait for the Fantasy Bestiary to be published, I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to make any fantasy beasts (Chimera, Displacer Beasts, Ogres, Giants, etc.) and was willing to share them. This would certainly help myself, and many others, with saving time recreating them and...
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    WOIN Combat Questions

    Hi, A friend and I sat down recently to play test for our group how combat works before we tried to introduce the system to our main group. We were left with some questions about things. For our test we used Sir Mandallan (knight) and Selena (firemage) sample characters from the PDF and we...
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    WOIN Druid Self Infusion

    I see for Druid's Beast Form it says to "otherwise use the animal’s statistics." What happens if the Druid casts Infuse Metal 4 to give +1d6 strength first? Does the effect persist for the duration of the spell even after assuming Beast Form (with the new form receiving the benefit), or is the...