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    5E Nobody Is Playing High Level Characters

    I rarely play higher levels in any edition. I typically enjoy up to around 10th or so the most. My current campaign just got to 13th and we plan to take it to 20.
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    5E Understanding DM Fatigue

    This is an issue I deal with, but I am getting better. i don’t really find DMing that much work. But I am a minimalist as far as DM prep goes. I use published adventures for the basic framework of adventures. I will read through the material (or at least the highlights) and then think about the...
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    5E (5e + PF2e)/2?

    To answer the OP’s question, what about 4e Essentials material? It’s pretty simple and tactical. Does it have enough options for you?
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    If Starfinder more compatible with PF1 or PF2?

    Or is it like SW Saga that had stuff from 3.5 and 4e but wasn’t truly compatible with either one?
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    PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    That could be done. I just like the way P2 does it.
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    PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    The backgrounds give you one free boost so the background choose shouldn’t limit your class choice.
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    PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    Those were just my initial thoughts. You could allow someone to drop one 10 to an 8 to get an extra boost.
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    PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    I would like to implement the ability score system for character creation. That is a neat way to create characters. I am thinking something like this: Step 1) Start with 10 in each stat Step 2) Background - two boosts (will probably lift the P2 backgrounds) Step 3) Race - As normal 5e rules...
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    What 4E Adventures are Best for Conversion to 5E?

    Okay here are the basics. This is based on my home brew monster creation system based on monster level. I use it to covert materials from previous edition. The proficiency bonus for each monster is based in the level/HD and not the CR. This is the way I do 4e (4e is more a direct conversion...
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    What 4E Adventures are Best for Conversion to 5E?

    Sure. I don’t have time now but will post about them later.
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    What 4E Adventures are Best for Conversion to 5E?

    When I say converted, I mean I ran them as is and just tweaked the stat blocks to work with 5e. But for me running an adventure as-is means I make on the fly adjustments to fit the campaign story. So I don’t have any thing written to share, unless you are interested in my monster conversions.
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    What 4E Adventures are Best for Conversion to 5E?

    I have converted several 4e adventures for 5e (such as Demon Queen’s Enclave and Madness at Gardmore Abbey) and they have worked great. We are going through the 4e Dungeon Mag version of Baba Yaga’s hut currently. I even tweak the 4e stat blocks on the fly and just run the monsters from that.
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    Movement Tray Recommendation

    If I wanted to do mass combat with D&D minis, does anyone have any movement tray recommendations that will work with the D&D minis?
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    A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game

    Any thoughts? The rules look nice and simple, the sculpts look great, no mini assembly required, and I am a huge ASOIAF fan.
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    Nentir Vale coming to 5e

    Mike Mearla tweeted this last weekend Last tweet inspired by enjoying a beautitful day in the PNW by working on the Nentir Vale pantheon. Very interesting comments! Here’s draft one of my summary of Erathis. Try to get key details of each deity into one page. Then showed a page of text for...
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    What’s your favorite D&D Adventure System game?

    What’s your favorite D&D Adventure System game? Castle Ravenloff, Wrath of Ashardalon, etc. Ravenloft is the only one I have played. I also have Legand of Drizzt but haven’t played that one. Were there any rules tweaks later in the series?
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    Which AL seasons have the best adventures?

    Just curious if you have any preferences or if any of them standout above the others. Thanks in advance.
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    5E Has anyone found any suitable Tortle minis?

    Preferable pre-painted.
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    5E Recommend a 5e AP

    So far in 5e I have been running mostly older edition modules and converting on the fly to 5e, with a few AL adventures thrown in. I have been been waiting for electronic versions of the 5e Adventure books to use them. Now we will have them tomorrow. So which AP should I start with? the group...
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    With D&D Beyond has D&D Leap Frogged the Competition?

    For the last few years 5e D&D has been doing great with electronic versions of most of their content. Many (including me) have been asking for electronic copies note that to be available. Now with DDB IMO WotC has jumped ahead of everyone else in RPG tech and has fully entered the digital age in...