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  1. Man in the Funny Hat

    Futility Base Here, the Furball has landed.

    Finally got Jeb to the Mun: Of course, I had to send Bill to get him back...
  2. Man in the Funny Hat

    Red Dawn

    Saw it yesterday. I went in with very low expectations. It had already been painted as a problem production with the whole "Quick! Everything Chinese in the movie has to be made North Korean or China gets mad and that's bad for business! Why didn't we do that before starting to film?" Then the...
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    End of Watch

    Just got back. Excellent movie. 8.5/10 easily. Lots of hand-held camera work, lots of low and odd angles, and lots of cuts but they somehow managed to keep it very watchable anyway. Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena turn in top-notch performances. Almost more of a character study than the cop...
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    Campaign Invitation

    So I have recieved a campaign invitiation but when I go to the notifications page for it I don't see any way to accept it, to deny it, or to just make the message GO AWAY. EDIT: Nevermind. Found out how - but I have to say it's obnoxiously unintuitive to click through to the group and accept...
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    What's on YOUR campaign's calendar?

    Proposed New Calendar Would Make Time Rational | Wired Science | I feel all big-brained now because I proposed using a very similar calendar for game use in this thing I wrote on calendars many moons ago: Calendars Mostly I said to stick close to the real world Gregorian calendar...
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    9 essential geek books you must read right now.

    9 Essential Geek Books You Must Read Right Now | Underwire | First on the list: 1E DMG.
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    Joining groups

    Recently received an invitation to join a group. I go to my notifications and a screen shows up with a line with, like, 11 different clickable options dealing with that group - NOT ONE of them simply says "join/decline", nor gives an indication HOW to join or decline the invitation. I finally...
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    A Christmas message from the Benvolent Dictator

    All subjects will make merry upon pain of death. That is all.
  9. Man in the Funny Hat

    FIFTY remakes? Seriously? Q. E. D. Creativity is dead in Hollywood. Put a fork in it.
  10. Man in the Funny Hat

    Computer Fu!

    Fu = Fujitsu! I had a Fujitsu laptop sitting in the garage now for about a year. It still has a problem of not charging the battery, and now the cd drawer won't click shut. HOWEVER, I cured it of its blank, black screen! I'd taken it apart looking for answers and was about to pronounce the...
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    Where are the NEW games?

    Where the hell are even the remakes of classic games? Maybe it's just me but my memories of the 80's and 90's were of buying a new game nearly every month - and they were all different kinds of games. Arcade side-scrollers, strategy games, tactical wargames, flight simulation games, adventure...
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    Movies that need a reboot

    I'm not sure I can believe I'm saying this... but the film series I think should be rebooted is STAR WARS. Seriously. It was almost criminal the way the entire series was... betrayed by the prequels. I really think I would enjoy seeing the whole thing started over again - this time from...
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    I guess I really do prefer simplicity

    The simplicity of OD&D? Do I really want things that [forgive the pun] Basic? Even 1E or 2E, which I have always professed a preference for over OD&D and all other editions may be too complex for me. Why? Well it started with comments I was reading about software - software for character...
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    Who's playing Aion?

    I'm just sorta curious as I hadn't stumbled on any information on it until just prior to it being released. I was actually waiting for Champions. I'm enjoying it myself, though I'm not all that thrilled with their naming conventions. My nephew keeps asking me if I think it's a WoW-killer and...
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    Forked Thread: Old PC games you wish you could play again

    Forked from: Masters of Magic One game I'd really like to play Civ2 again because I don't like Civ3 or Civ4. Another is Descent, the 3-D "There is no up" flying shooter. I loved that one. I'd add X-Com (in fact it would be at the top of my list) but that came available on Steam. Woot...
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    Open letter from Watchmen producer

    Found this from a link at IMDB: Exclusive: An Open Letter From 'Watchmen' Producers on Hitfix I find it interesting and I certainly agree, but I had already come to the same conclusions recently after a conversation or two with friends about all the legal nonsense, even before having read those...
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    Upcoming changes to Heroes

    Exclusive: Bryan Fuller's Rx for 'Heroes' | Heroes | Ausiello Files | Exactly what we've been saying, no? I think it bodes well - except possibly for the part about Tim Kring still being in charge. I feel like he's proven that he really doesn't have the creativity needed to keep the...
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    Rate "The Happening" [spoilers]

    Went to see this yesterday afternoon. Personally I rather liked it; moreso than other Shyamalan films such as Lady in the Water or The Village. The two people I was with were quite unimpressed (but they also don't have the most reliable taste :)). Edit: I gave it a 7 myself. It's not like it...
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    Sage Advice

    Just happened to be poking around Wizards site for the first time in... months?... and I took a look at Sage Advice. It's an interesting little format they used there. In fact, I think it's BRILLIANT. It is what Sage Advice should have become long ago and should continue to be into the...
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    This game totally RULES and is too short by about 1000 hours. I think I finished it in 4, and immediately went back and did it all again just to hear the song. ... And speaking of Half-Life 2, does anyone happen to have a savegame of the "Entanglement" level right AFTER that stupid, insanely...