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  1. Dareoon Dalandrove

    OGL 4E question

    This may have been hashed out long long ago so sorry if it's a redo. For people in the know, how under the OGL you can create a book with no open content. Anything that you designate PI you can close. OK. wouldn't that just really be fluff? The Slaad is PI I believe. So you can't have a...
  2. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Neighbors stealing from me help

    OK so I invited this upon myself. I didn't change the default password on my router and looking at the dhcp client list today, you may have guessed it, more computers were logged than were suppose to be. Now my head is filled with thoughts of revenge and the like, but I would really like to...
  3. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Best Mech rules, who's?

    OK so Future has rules for mechs, and then there is d20 Mecha. Each system doesn't really blend together. So which is the better of the 2 systems? Or has someone else come out with a better system to handle mechs? Has there been errata that makes the two systems more compatible?
  4. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Open content

    I was wondering if there are other sources for open content other than the SRD. Each new suppliment has open content but I doubt each publisher goes out of their way to put it on the net.
  5. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Looking for something to read

    I'm looking for something to read and looking for some suggestions. I mostly read fantasy struff. I've read lots of WOTC stuff, went through almost all the Dritzz books. I liked the L5R novels. I thought they introduced the setting well and had some great characters. I'm still waiting on...
  6. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Ambidexterity in 3.5

    With 3.5 ambidexterity has gone away. While makeing up a two weapon fighter I though why? Some people are infact ambidexterous. Not as many in real life as appear in D&D. I was thinking about adding it back in but wanted to know if anyone else has done this and wondered at what opstcles...
  7. Dareoon Dalandrove

    What's the best Electronic game aid

    I'm looking to either get for free (always the best option for me) or buy (will not spend more than 30 dollars) one of electronic aids to help me run my games. What I'd ultimately like to have is something that helps me build npc's and monsters. Like taking your standard orc, applying the...
  8. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Question on rebuking and commanding

    I have a couple of questions about rebuking and commanding undead. If you have an item that grants undead pluses to turning that are near you does that same bonus count against you should you lose control of them and try to reestablish control? Same with desicrate. If your controlling undead...
  9. Dareoon Dalandrove

    When should NPC's get PC classes

    When should you give npc's levels in PC classes. If the NPC classes are for the rest of the nonadventuring world why should they ever get PC class levels.
  10. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Monsters that lay eggs inside you; rules

    I was looking through the MM and noticed the Slaad have the ability to lay eggs in their victims that hatch a number of days later. It doesn't say anything more than the "baby" bursts forth x number of days later after and that it consumes a victim from the inside. If a player was to fall...
  11. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Unique dice

    A long time ago I saw this set of dice that had insects inside of them. The were amber colored, not real amber, and had diffent insects in each. The d20 I think had a yellow jacket, the d60 had a fly, and one of them had an ant. Has anyone seen these around? I like to get a set.
  12. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Suggestions for plot threads needed My prospective players stay out

    OK I’m going to be starting a new game the end of this month with a new group and was looking for a few suggestions for lower leveled plot thread to tie into my over all idea. If your planning on joining my group don't read any further. Ok so as I said I'm going to be starting a...
  13. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Looking for Maps

    I'm looking for city maps to detail a campaing and I'm having a bit of difficulty. A friend of mine had this photo copied city of Lahnkmar (sp) a while back. No real detail, just lots of building of different size the city wall and so on. It was perfect at the time because we could make any...
  14. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Which is the "Best" Ninja?

    As far as I know there are currently 3 ninjas out. One in OA, which is a prestige class, one in Complete Adveturer and one in Rokugan. These three feature the name "ninja" that's why I've chosen them. I'm sure that there are other classes that could/do fill the "ninja" void and would like to...
  15. Dareoon Dalandrove

    [Ma] Off the T? looking to add a player?

    I don't get down to my regular group much and I'm looking for something in the city, or at least off the T. I'm also more than willing to try and form a new group if there are enough peolpe searching for a game. Post I know your out there.
  16. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Monster question: Drider

    I'm thinking about haveing a Spider Clan in my OA camp and wanted some of the more powerful members to be half-spider half human, like the Drider. I wanted most of them to be fighters so I'd like to get rid of their spell casting ablility. I've looked at Savage Species and thought about just...
  17. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Other types of Hengeyoukai

    In OA all hengeyoukai are to be of small size. What would be the best way to allow for bigger hengeyoukai, ie a bear, tiger, panda, wolf? Would you just advance them adding a plus 1 lvl adjustment for each hit die?
  18. Dareoon Dalandrove

    World Game Day anyone doing anything?

    As the 16th fast approaches I was wondering how many people are doing anything not listed. Does it matter?
  19. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Lots of undead-no clerics too tough?

    I'm running an Oriental adventure and One of my plot lines may involve lots of undead. However there's no turning in OA would this increase the difficulty levels?
  20. Dareoon Dalandrove

    Harpoon stats where are they?

    I recently read stats for the harpoon, but I can't seem to locate them again. I thought it was in Freeport but... If anyone can point me in the right direction it would help out. Thanks