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    5E Have you actually read the 5e DMG?

    I DM and have never even seen the DMG. If something were to come up and I cared, I would just google it. Frankly, if I know how to make a character in a game, then I generally understand how to DM it. I have been DMing 5e since playtesting and have never read a single rule outside of...
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    World Reveal of Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay at PAX!

    It's not very colourful for a DnD dragon. They are normally colour coded for our convenience. PCs would not know what to do with that one.
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    Wight's Life drain v Polymorph

    I don't want the book keeping, but I don't want players to exploit it. So I would let them believe there is a chance of it carrying over. I would have them make some saves. Look thoughtful, then narrate how the chilling tries to attach to their soul, not their body, and they only just shake it off.
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    Barlgura Bangles!

    I assume that they were signs of being bound to a master. They are symbolic of slave wrist cuffs, but the beasts know who is boss, so no chain is needed.
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    Does anyone have a 5e Gluttony cleric domain I can use?

    I like the idea, but why spend the effort if they are not likely to be PC classes? Just give NPC clerics spells like Incite Greed, good berry, heroes feast, crown of madness maybe and a few others and call it a day. I'm normally averse to unnecessary preparation and don't need my specialist...
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    What Level was your 1st Character Death in 5e?

    It is really hard to keep PCs alive at level 1. I saw that Bandits were CR 1/8 so I put 8 of them against 4 PCs. A rookie mistake I guess. It was a massacre. I put them up against a single orc next. One crit from an orc with a greataxe can easily take a level 1 from full HP to outright dead...
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    Doomsday Weapons?

    Shhh, you will set off a 50+ year argument amongst physicists. Is it a wave, is it a particle? Those sort of discussions are how mad scientists are made.
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    Doomsday Weapons?

    My PCs kept missing the hint that the Tribbles they encountered were going to cause an ecological disaster. Time went on and on and they kept ignoring signs of famine as the tribbles destroyed entire ecosystems. They skipped forward in time about 50 years and went back to their home continent...
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    Odyssey of the Dragonlords Available Weapons and Armor

    Why care about official weapon names and descriptions at all though? I'd just have people pick the stats they want for a weapon from the PHB and dictate what it looks like and is called. Want a martial d8 finesse weapon? Fine, that can be a thick-handled short-spear. Different techniques can...
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    She Rolled Two 18s.

    That worked out really well that she wanted a support character. Nobody complains about anything being overpowered when it is in a supporting role. Just look at the Bard class. I find in my power gaming combat-centric group that anybody with those stats would play a Barbarian or another MAD...
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    Life Domain Variant+Moon Domain?

    Over all I like that ideas. I would be wary of a direct comparison between damage and healing numbers in 5e, as I get the impression the intention is always to have healing numbers lower. Also, attacks have to hit to do full damage, a heal does not. I agree that this looks better themed...
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    Archdruid Into Arch Diviner?

    Personally for special adversaries I don't tend to stick to RAW much. I would just use the Archdruid stats, swap wis for int and swap the spells over. My bad guys have a lot of abilities that fit their themes, but don't match any known mechanics. I would also give the Diviner spell slots, but...
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    5E 2 headed death!

    I played a game with a amphisbaena in it. The two heads fought over which one got to eat the downed PC, giving us a moment to save him. It felt a little "cheap", but as the DM explained, it made sense, as with a head on both ends, the mouth that does not eat it is going to have to poop it out...
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    Spell Adjudication Style, What is yours ? Or your Preference?

    If it were something his patron would be cool with, then make a religion role to find a relevant scripture to quote as the verbal component. "..and lo did the prophet cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" If his patron had a special affinity for dogs, then it would just work. E.g. Guardian...
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    Paladin, How Are You Righteous?

    I'm not sure my paladin is virtuous by many definitions. My current paladin is a follower of Waukeen the Lady of Coin. He serves the Invisible Hand of the Market and is a lot like the Ferengi from Star Trek. He would think that Ayn Rand is a prophet. He is a caricature of an extreme capitalist...
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    Making Dr. Jones

    I made up a pretty cool archaeologist using the Valour Bard. Like all bards his skills were excellent and broad. He could fight well enough too. I was not trying to use a whip. He was a conquistador style guy (though not evil), so used rapier in town and a halberd, breastplate and arquebus when...
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    General Did I ruin my DND Game/Group

    When I play Fallout or Skyrim or something like that, one of the first things I do is save the game then go around murdering everybody in town, just to see if I can. When I get bored questing, I do a quick save then just plant bombs around the world and watch it burn. I suspect that people who...
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    Major League D&D

    1. A key cleric being kicked out of the party/team because they made a political statement on twitter. "Losing their main healer just before a dragon-fight. Things have gone from bad to worse for the Ottowa Owlbears Jim. This will really hurt their rankings this season!" "I guess they should...
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    Genres/Settings I enjoy watching but not playing in. You?

    For me the test for hard science has always been "Does it get into time dilation due to gravity or velocity?". If it does, then space is going to be a very very weird place. Trade, communications, lifestyles due to cryogenics and travel, all sorts of things will be far more wacky and...
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    5E Can a Paladin Cure Addiction?

    As an aside, questionable uses like this can make for interesting choices and drive the story forward. If in doubt about whether a divine spell will work like that, consider using it as a tool to show the tenets of the deity in question. I have actually had this question come up twice in my...