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    Which of the Demon Lords put up a good fight?

    Which (if any) of the published Demon Lords have you used in your game? Which ones made for a memorable experience? Were any of them especially tough, or easily overcome? What would you change about them / their stats if you were to use them again? If you used the 'battle royale' option in...
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    ENWorld Notifications

    Morrus, I noticed, about the same time as ENWorld changed its logo, that my weekly "There is activity in a thread" e-mail notifications are coming from "Pathfinder" instead of "ENWorld". I can still figure out what is going on, but figured you ought to know about it. I imagine this is an...
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    5E It Came from the Depths of the Abyss

    The situation: A Band of Heroes (a.k.a. the PCs) have defeated Boss1 and Boss2. They are known to be sailing aboard a merchant ship towards Boss3, Boss4, and FinalBoss’s home. The remaining bosses meet to take counsel. All bosses have gained their power by consorting with fiends. They know...
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    Need help finding an LFR adventure

    I'm trying to remember a detail from the last LFR Battle Interactive, The End and the Beginning. 1) What was the name of the dragon who shows up at Draigdurroch Tower? 2) Is there a website where I can download / read LFR adventure modules? 2b) Including BIs? Thanks to all.
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    Art Objects: Pimp My Lair (originally by wereooze)

    Art Objects ... Pimp your BBEG's crib ! DM: A search of the necromancer's tower uncovers 4500 gold pieces, a Shield +2, and a 1700 GP gem-encrusted ring. Player: Another gem-encrusted ring ?! Who buys all this stuff? Who buys gem-encrusted stuff indeed? An oft-ignored (until now) treasure...
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    Proposal - new Ranger archetype

    After paging through the SCAG earlier this week, I was inspired to try to re-create the Impilturan Demonslayer paragon path for 5e. Constructive criticism welcome. Editorial comments and opinion requests in red. Ranger Archetype: Impilturan Demonslayer Impiltur, the land of the Paladin-Princes...
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    Tiefling Variants

    Disclaimer: I have not yet seen the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide material, so I may step on their toes a bit... Edit2: ... or maybe not... I created some non-Asmodean Tieflings for character concepts with some ...thing... else in their family tree. These are intended to be a close parallel to...