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  1. Enrico Poli1

    Post the Pictures of your D&D and Miniature collection!

    I want to share the pictures of my D&D and Miniature collection! I invite you to do the same! I'm very proud of my collection, because my old books were lost years ago in a disaster and I had to rebuild the collection from zero. It is better than ever was! Feel free to ask anything!
  2. Enrico Poli1

    Best 5e Adventure? Vote up to 3

    I love Top 10s and was just curius to learn the preferred published 5e adventures of other forum users. Mine are Descent into Avernus (best Planescape adventure ever), Tomb of Annihilation (loved both the jungle sandbox exploration and the final Tomb), Curse of Strahd (better then the original...
  3. Enrico Poli1

    Suggest old adventures to be republished (in TotYP or GoS format)

    What old adventures would you gladly see republished in an hardback TotYP or GoS style? My suggestions: Age of Worms Dragonlance original series Mystara series: Horror on the Hill (1-3), Night's Dark Terror (3-5), Isle of Dread (5-7), Master of Desert Nomads & Temple of Death (7-9), War Rafts...
  4. Enrico Poli1

    Top 10 Bestiaries (any D&D variant including Pathfinder and 13th Age)

    "If you had to choose only one of your dear Bestiaries to bring in a lost island, what would you chose and why?" Present your Top 10 for Bestiaries! Any variant D&D is admitted, so Pathfinder, 13th Age and Hackmaster are welcome. My choices: 10) Monster Manual 3, D&D 3.5. It presented a host...