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  1. catsclaw227 mentions D&D!

    I had to blink twice and check my eyes, but an article on ranking NFL head coaches mentioned D&D in a matter of fact way, assuming the reader played the game. NFL Head Coach Power Rankings | When you get to #3, Mike McCarthy, you'll see what I mean. :)
  2. catsclaw227

    Awesome Ptolus Vinyl Map - HUGE

    Hey guys -- I'm not sure where to post this, but I just put my huge Ptolus Vinyl map up on ebay as part of a moving sale. I am sad to let it go, but I just don't have the wall space anymore, so it will end up rolled up for good. I would prefer if one of you other Ptolusites wanted to do it...
  3. catsclaw227

    What boardgames are you playing in 2012?

    Hey there! I was curious what boardgames are dominating your table this month year. I just picked up Dominant Species and that is getting some play. I also got Earth Reborn and I am wanting to give that a few plays as well. We've played a lot of the D&D Adventure game series in the past and...
  4. catsclaw227

    Anybody play Dominant Species?

    I just picked up the board game Dominant Species because it was getting such rave reviews on BGG. Has anyone played it before? Apparently, the rules are simple, but the game itself can be difficult to play because it's very strategic and there are multiple ways to win. Also, it's not real...
  5. catsclaw227

    The River - What did you think?

    I was actually pleasantly surprised. I read all these pessimistic reviews and watched it with open eyes and I liked it. Yes, it has LOST-y stuff. I think the weird horror factor is OK, but some of the characters I liked. The cute, brazilian daughter of the ship mechanic was cool. And sorta...
  6. catsclaw227


    Did anyone get a chance to watch Alcatraz yet? I have it on DVR, but I won't get to watch it until tomorrow sometime.
  7. catsclaw227

    Possibly trying Savage Worlds: Deadlands or other Settings

    Hey gang! What with the 5e announcement and our group burning out a little on 4e and D&D in general, I am thinking of roping them into a Savage Worlds game. I've read a couple of the archived "Tell me about Savage Worlds" threads here and here. And there is some good stuff in there. I am...
  8. catsclaw227

    Mission Impossible: 4 - Ghost Protocol. Anyone seen it?

    I am planning on hitting the matinee tomorrow to go see Mission Impossible:4. It's getting awesome reviews, and though I know there are those that won't see anything with Tom Cruise due to his personal beliefs, I've never had a problem separating his personal life with his skill in his craft...
  9. catsclaw227

    WoTC - D&D Virtual Table in Open Beta!

    I received a Wizards Broadcast yesterday with this information in it: I can't wait to check it out! Have any of you used it yet and how well is it working?
  10. catsclaw227

    WoTC to hire new Director of Brand Marketing for D&D

    This is very interesting from Linked In: Director, Brand Marketing: Dungeons and Dragons at Hasbro in Renton, US-WA - Job | LinkedIn (Originally posted via twitter by Scott Rouse.) EDIT: Couldn't give XP to Kzach... That's a serious list of responsibilities. EDIT 2 (after like 12-14 posts)...
  11. catsclaw227

    DMs: Have you ever done this?

    Have you ever… ? Hmmmmm. What have you done “outside the rules” of your system? [Edit: See disclaimer below**] I am running a 3.x/Pathfinder super-module and adventure under the 4e ruleset. It is by award winning, top notch writers and publishers of the 3.x era. We’re having an awesome...
  12. catsclaw227

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

    I just caught the trailer for this one. It looks pretty exciting! IMDb Video: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Trailer #1 I am not one of those Tom Cruise haters out there, even if his views are far out. They like to make him run top speed in every one of these movies. :)
  13. catsclaw227

    MM1, MM2 Solos Upgraded MM3 style?

    Admittedly my search-fu is lame, but I couldn't find a post anywhere discussing whether the MM1 and MM2 Solos were upgraded MM3 style. Mostly I am talking about the more paragon and better creatures level 15+. I know that some Dragons got the treatment in Monster Vault. But there were a...
  14. catsclaw227

    Online Poker shut down in U.S.

    So, yesterday or sometime over the weekend, the FBI shut down and forbade access to PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and a few others. Apparently, there were some sketchy banking practices on the back end that gave the FBI and other agencies cause to completely shut it down for all...
  15. catsclaw227

    Game of Thrones Sneak preview

    Wow. They did the prologue and part of Chapter 1: Bran mixing in some other perspectives. The actors are perfect. Eddard Stark, Bran, Anya, Jon Snow. The prologue piece was spot on for th screen. I never thought they could translate this story to the screen, but my critical...
  16. catsclaw227

    Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on Netflix

    For those that didn't get a chance to watch the Starz series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, it is now available on Netflix for streaming. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena This is the prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the series run last year. Spartacus: Blood and Sand It is only 6 episodes...
  17. catsclaw227

    Mansions of Madness: A Boardgame/RPG crossover?

    I was reading about Mansions of Madness, as I am recently getting hooked on Arkham Horror, and it looks like a boardgame RPG crossover. Fantasy Flight Games [Mansions of Madness - Description] - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games. Are there other games like this? What do...
  18. catsclaw227

    Teen build R5800 death ray that can boil concrete

    This is crazy: YouTube - Solar Death Ray: Power of 5000 suns! I guess he is working on another one that will have 35,000 mirrors. There are others have have tried this, but none that has such a focused and hot point.
  19. catsclaw227

    New Game of Thrones Trailer

    They are calling this a teaser, but it's more than a few seconds. Very nice, and I am really looking forward to this. YouTube - HBO Game of Thrones Clip Preview - November 28th - Third Teaser
  20. catsclaw227

    Rubicon -- Are you watching?

    I started watching Rubicon on AMC, they're only 4 episodes in, and I am really digging it. It's got some good stuff, it's just a teensy bit slow moving, but it's good about setting up characters, creating a compelling story, and treating us like intelligent adults. They don't feed the viewer...