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    We are back!

    Hi I made it over from the other side
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    O.L.D V1.2 Armour

    Just been looking at the new WRRD and noticed at the armour skill as been removed from some if not all the careers but the battle mage as a exploit can gain Armored Wizard. You are adept at wearing armor. If you don’t already have it, you gain6 ranks (3d6) in medium armor. Medium armor which...
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    5th ed to WOIN (OLD)

    Hi In the process of converting some 5th edition books to WOIN and as such looking for guidance converting advantage / disadvantage to WOIN
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    O.L.D. Magic as a secret

    hi just looking for clarification on what the secret of magic would cover, as it seens to me to be a "cover all" secret.
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    O.L.D Help with encounter building

    I an just about to start a OLD home brew campaign and have a question Just seeing if there is any rules about building a encounter using a system using max dice pools, Just asking because in D&D you have CR ratings.